Tired of vacuuming? The Roomba 981 is the solution (and it’s at a knockdown price)

by Kelvin
iRobot Roomba 981

For its Back to School operation, Amazon decided to show her prettiest face. It offers discounts on a very large catalog of products for the start of the school year. This also concerns prestigious brands like iRobot. The latter sees the price of its latest robot vacuum cleaner drop to 399 euros instead of 999 euros, which represents a reduction of… 65%!

The iRobot Roomba 981 is a real gem and it is one of the most powerful robot vacuums around. If you really want to do without cleaning, this is a great option. In addition, at less than 400 euros, you will not be able to regret your purchase. It is a model that has conquered us and which also deserves all its popularity.

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If you order on Amazon, you are guaranteed to be delivered quickly and easily. In case you are part of the program, you can even be delivered the next day depending on the time of order. After delivery, you then have 30 days to return the Roomba 981 robot vacuum if it is not to your liking. The return is free and you will be reimbursed in the days following the return.

Roomba 981, the benchmark robot vacuum cleaner

The Roomba 981 is one of the latest and most premium models from the American manufacturer iRobot. It is therefore also the version which is entitled to the best technical characteristics. As usual, the brand is positioned on a high-end niche with a stand-alone device that is able to suck up dust. It’s simple, it saves you this repetitive household chore and gives you time for other more enjoyable activities.

When it comes to its technical skills, the Roomba 981 vacuum cleaner relies on technology. It prides itself on being able to capture up to 99% of fine particles and other allergens even if they are 10 micrometers in size thanks to its suction system. The tank being completely hermetic, it does not reject any dust in the ambient air after its capture. You are guaranteed to find your clean floors after its passage, you will not have to iron after it as is the case with some less well-made appliances.

If you doubted it, the Roomba 981 knows how to perform on all types of floors – whether it is parquet, tiles or even linoleum. Thanks to its mode, it is perfectly capable of sucking up dust from rugs or carpets. You are assured that your floor will be clean once its mission is completed. You can also count on it to avoid obstacles, its navigation system is based on the presence of sensors that prevent shocks and falls on the stairs.

You can control the Roomba 981 vacuum cleaner in several ways. There are the buttons present on the device, but also the voice thanks to the compatibility with intelligent assistants Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. The app is also useful, it allows you to manage the device as you see fit. You can determine specific areas for cleaning or run the vacuum remotely, ensuring you get back to clean accommodation after your day’s work. In addition, you are not bothered by the passage of the latter when you are at home, although it does not make too much noise when it is active.

In terms of autonomy, the Roomba 981 comes with a substantial battery that allows it to last for about an hour and a half. If the latter is empty even though it has not finished, it automatically returns to the storage station (supplied with purchase) then resumes suction where it left off. Overall, this vacuum takes care of everything without you having to do anything – or almost nothing. It is a premium model that will prove to be essential in everyday life, especially if you have not yet tested a stand-alone device like this version. You will clearly fall in love with this little robot which takes care of your floors wonderfully.

Amazon makes your back-to-school shopping easier

The Roomba 981 qualifies for a top flight discount on Amazon, its price drops below the symbolic bar of 400 euros while the vacuum cleaner usually costs 999 euros: you make an impressive saving. This autonomous model is robust and efficient, it will be able to be just as effective in the immediate as in the long term. It is a useful investment which will make you forget about vacuuming dust with a conventional device, and which will provide relief on a daily basis.

It should be noted again that this offer on the Roomba 981 will not remain available for very long. It would not be surprising if it disappeared in a few hours for lack of stock. This premium model is very popular for its technical qualities and this drop in price makes it accessible to a greater number of people, many will jump at the opportunity.

By choosing this excellent Roomba 981, you benefit from all the usual advantages, knowing that you are entitled to a two-year manufacturer’s warranty as with the official brand. You have almost a month to change your mind, that’s more than with the majority of other online merchants, don’t wait any longer to choose this high-end vacuum cleaner at a low price without taking any risk.

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