"Today with technology it is possible to reach audiences in an intelligent way"

by Kelvin
"Today with technology it is possible to reach audiences in an intelligent way"

Fernando Acinapura, vice president of the digital agency Kickads, analyzes the impact of the multiplicity of screens in the advertising business

Fernando Acinapura, vice president of the digital agency Kickads, analyzes in the following interview of Professional the impact of the multiplicity of screens in the advertising business.


-In the era of multiscreen, people are exposed to an amount of publicity never seen before. What are the challenges facing advertisers in this context, where advertising is increasingly present in more places such as e-mail, mobile phones, social networks, applications, in addition to traditional media, such as TV, radio, The graphic press and public roads.

-Today the biggest challenge for advertisers is to catch the user's attention. We live in a world full of stimuli all the time, from when we wake up until we go to bed. It is vital to be able to generate a unique message, as it will be the only way to stand out and get the brand to be positioned in the top of mind of the audience.

-How can the ads leave a significant mark among consumers?

-All part of generating an experience. If instead of thinking about advertising we think about the moments of the consumer, that today the audience is in constant motion, in short, we need to think and imagine the consumer environment we want to reach. That is the first step in understanding what kind of experience will be needed to catch your attention.

– Do they perceive a decrease in the tolerance of consumers in view of the increasing prevalence of advertising?

-This happens when advertising is massively oriented, with messages that reach uninterested people. Today, with technology, it is possible to reach audiences in an intelligent way, starting with specific clusters based on their interests, and then understanding the behavior with the notice. If that user clicks, then they will be interested in my brand, and perhaps it is time to impact it with a second message that has an exclusive offer.

-Do brands take into account this intolerance and apathy of consumers towards advertising?

– There is still much to learn and improve. However, more and more big brands are understanding this new context and optimizing their campaigns based on it.

-What is the duration of the ads with which agencies should work? How much does the ad time influence?

-Everything depends on the strategy you want to use. From Kickads we always seek to understand the connection point between the consumer and the brand. Then we imagine the environment where I will be impacting the audience, and based on that the time of the announcement is determined.

However, if we consider that we only have 6 seconds to catch your attention. The first seconds of a notice should be attractive and have a clear call to action to encourage continued viewing of the rest of the advertising.

– Does the size of the screen modify the impact that an advertisement may have?

-Not necessarily. If the message is clear and calls to action it will work on any type of device.

-In this multi-screen context, is the challenge in millennials (18-34 years old) and how to get their attention on mobile?

– Mobile consumption was always associated with millennials. And it is a serious mistake. Although a large percentage of millennials live with their cell phone connected 24 hours a day, today the mobile device goes through all generations. The challenge is how to get everyone's attention, from personalizing the messages according to each of the people.

-What should be the main features that advertising should work to get attention?

-For example, that they are brighter and / or with vibrant colors; Short shots over long distance. I am sure that the way is to work on generating a memorable moment for the audience. In other words, create a positive experience.

If the experience is positive, the consumer will feel identified with the brand and thus be able to capture their attention. At the art direction level in advertising, all resources are always valid, as long as it is aligned with what we want to wake up in the consumer, and always depending on that complicit moment that brands seek with the audience.

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