Tom Holland wears Spider-Man clothing during quarantine

by Kelvin
Tom Holland wears Spider-Man clothing during quarantine

Actor Tom Holland, responsible for the role of Spider-Man in the universe of Marvel, used part of his movie costume Back home during quarantine. The outfit used was the hero’s first characteristic outfit before he was presented by Tony Stark. The costume appeared during the broadcast of an edition of the Jimmy Kimmel Live program.

Tom Holland has joined the team at Marvel in the movie Captain America: Civil War, released in 2016. It was at this point in the trajectory that Iron Man became fond of Peter Parker and developed the Spider-Man fantasy we are used to seeing in comics. Before that, Peter used an improvised homemade version.


Tom Holland sang “Happy Birthday” in Spiderman’s costume

The costume was used in the latest live edition of the program Jimmy Kimmel Live. Due to the recommendation of social isolation in the United States, all episodes of the program are recorded through live transmissions between the interviewer and the guest artists.

Holland recorded from his home in London. During the show, Kimmel asked Tom to sing “Happy Birthday” for his son, as he is a huge Spider-Man fan.

The actor got carried away and completely got into character, wearing the mask, sweatshirt, sunglasses and gloves like the character in the movies. To top it off, he even started using his American accent to look even more like Peter Parker’s film version.

The images made fans even more eager for the 3rd film in the franchise for Spider man. So far, the release date for the feature has not yet been released. After all, because of social isolation, recordings had to be postponed indefinitely.

Text written by Flávio Motta Coutinho via Nexperts.

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