Top 10 Clash Royale 2v2 Decks for 2019


Play the 2v2 game in Clash Royale This has been one of the keys to progressing in the game and leveling up quickly in the most valuable Supercell gems. However, these 2v2 decks are difficult to craft due to the complexity they represent, but once you reach the ideal deck, you can be unstoppable in the arena and face all teams with no chance of defeat.

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In a randomly generated 2v2 game, it is almost impossible to make sure that the deck will work with all kinds of combinations, but if you are going to play with your clan members, you better see this article where we show you The 10 best decks in 2019 to play 2v2 in Clash Royale. You have to agree who takes each hammer and throws himself into the arena, with a clear strategy and wants to have fun.

Before showing everything 2v2 hammer that we bring you, we remind you that in the 2v2 deck game is the least important part, the most valuable thing in this game is your skills in the arena and also the communication between partners. That is why we recommend using Disputes to communicate with each other and know what each one will launch. If you choose not to speak, you can also show areas or things by moving cards in the arena without throwing them, for a better strategy and losing is not an option.

10 best 2v2 decks for Clash Royale

Don't waste any more time, then we leave you 10 pairs of the best hammers to sweep the 2v2 Clash Royale game. We have endeavored to leave you a button with which Import this deck automatically into Clash Royale simply by clicking where it says Import decks. If you click on that part, you can integrate the deck directly into the game without having to copy it and make mistakes along the way. We haven't used too many legendary cards or too many difficult cards to open, because this way we make sure that most Clash Royale players can access this powerful deck to play 2v2. We guarantee that with this hammer and a little communication it will be difficult for you to lose a game.

Small hammer with globe, mirror and freeze.

We face the first pair of hammers out of the top 10. This is a very classic couple where the only legendary we will need is Princess. With this deck, the strategy is more than clear. This fortress is a giant and the world. Protecting a pair of attack tanks will be the key that will give us victory in the game.

We also enjoy very important defense cards in this deck, such as knights, musketeers and tesla towers. The grave can also take us out more quickly and with the help of a mirror we can multiply it. fierce attack from our giant and the world. The hammer left nothing, because it also had fireballs, arrows, and ice. Perfect the last one to finish off the horde and pause the board so the balloon can do its job. Good luck if someone attacks you with this because you will need it …

Import Deck 1 – Import Deck 2

Giant deck with PEKKA and many controls

Small hammer with PEKKA and many controls

We proceed with a fairly classic hammer don't wear any legendary. This is a very strong deck where we replace the globe and tower with cards that are as strong as PEKKA. With this deck we will have a lot of control and not only can we use PEKKA as a tank, but we can also use it as an attacker. In turn, the pig will do the dirty work and we have all kinds of spells to defend the attack.

Goblin throwers and cards like baby dragons can survive very well. We can also use Prince to attack and there will be no spam hammer that refuses thanks to typhoon, download and two fireballs, which can finish a great package of medium health cards, if we have it at a good level.

Import Deck 1 – Import Deck 2

Archer decks and lots of spam with ram

Archer deck and a lot of spam with a battering ram

In this deck we will need more legendary things like proboscis, infernal dragons, magic archers, bandits and lumberjacks. He The operation of this deck is quite simple. With ram we will take advantage of spam while with poison we will try to protect all kinds of rams.

We also have a wizard to finish with the classic spam hammer and a Infernal dragon That will help us solve with the larger numbers. At the same time we also have several aerial maps that will allow us to defend properly and the grave to stop the opponent's attack and contain the fastest attack.

Import Deck 1 – Import Deck 2

Covered with a lot of lava, miners and poisons.

Hammer with a lot of lava, miners and poisons.

He lava hound This is one of those cards that you generally don't want to use but are dealt correctly. With this double hammer, we can enjoy two dogs that are ready to fight for the opponent and that can defend themselves with poison. In turn, we take advantage of several miners to damage the rival crown tower by trying to shoot down lava dogs. This is a perfect strategy that almost fails.

A house from deck to Hell Dragon to stop the tank and they have multiple air cards and also several spells to stop the horde in no time. It is a combination that is used well and always produces the same, a clear victory.

Import Deck 1 – Import Deck 2

Deck with lava, rockets and lots of control

Hammer with lava, rocket and a lot of control

This other deck also uses Lava Hound, but the strategy has changed slightly with a the world as destroyer and also with woodcutters who can intensify attacks. We also have electric wizards to ward off dragons and hell towers and rockets that can end the game.

In these two decks we also have several cards that help us Stop spam from the platform like valkyries, fireballs, and some bolts that can always destroy the most annoying troops like hordes of minions.

Import Deck 1 – Import Deck 2

Deck with golems, witches and clones

Hammer with golems, witches and clones

The problem begins to get interesting with this sixth deck where we have golem, one of the cards covered by a magician and with the help of a clone spell can get us in trouble or knock down a tower in the blink of an eye. There are also night magicians for bats to do their job well and we have lightning bolts and cast to take down the most annoying enemy.

This is a hammer with good defense, although it is generally not possible to stop using it correctly. On the other hand, if they send us a very strong letter, it's easy for them to get us in trouble. He Lava Hound is also present as a tank and with the help of bats and accomplices we can have an unstoppable combination.

Import Deck 1 – Import Deck 2

Dual control decks, miners, rockets and typhoons.

Dual control hammer, miners, rockets and typhoons.

If you like a quick hammer, this other change changes a lot from the previous one, because here we do not have a tank that allows us to advance to rival towers without playing with our skin. We have a launcher to get rid of the hordes and classic typhoons, through fireballs and trash cans. kill multiple enemies at once.

We also have miners and wizards who can help us destroy the tower. However, the most important component here is the rocket that is launched from time to time destroying the opponent's tower without the need to get close to it. Miners and rockets will be responsible for doing the dirty work in this case. deck to play 2v2 in Clash Royale. The good thing is that it gives us a lot of control over the sand.

Import Deck 1 – Import Deck 2

A platform with PEKKA, many controls and rockets

Hammer with PEKKA, many controls and rockets

If you like PEKKA and ram (classic), you may like this pair of hammers and many. That combination is sure you've mastered it, and if we add miners and some cards to stop the horde, it's hard for opponents to tie us up. This is a fast and highly controlled deck although PEKKA must be launched, especially during a double elixir. Do you dare to try it? The deck matters and be happy.

Import Deck 1 – Import Deck 2

Hammers, rockets and double miners spells

Hammers, rockets and double miners spells

Quick cover and other bikes are as follows I almost copied the deck in both decks repeat the same mechanism over and over again. We have poisons, tubes, and ice spirits to stop the troops while we destroy them. In turn, we have the typhoon and frame to distract while the knights and miners do the dirty work.

This seems like an unattractive deck due to its low cost, but that is precisely what makes it the best option. to wage war without stopping, a spam hammer that can solve some additional life points with rockets and stop many hordes with poison. Do you like this type of hammer?

Import Deck 1 – Import Deck 2

Deck with mirrors, miners, rockets and many other bikes.

Deck with mirrors, miners, rockets and many other bikes.

And finally, a deck similar to the previous one that adds some interesting variants that many games can provide. On the one hand we have mirror to duplicate cards both in attack and defense (as needed) and also with fireballs to get rid of the hordes. In turn, we have typhoons that must be used to damage the central tower and continue to protect the crown tower as rivals try to destroy it.

This deck is strong and fast, high-level men are really needed In order for it to work properly or vice versa, it would be better to choose a hammer that is different from the previous one in the list. We believe there are so many options that it is hard not to find one that is right for your playing style. And remember, try them out and practice with them a bit before facing a tournament, it is important to understand how you will work better.

Import Deck 1 – Import Deck 2

Which deck do you like most of all mentioned in this article? Remember that you can import it without manually copying it to the game. And we also took the opportunity to suggest this other article with the 10 best Clash Royale decks for 2019, but this time only for 1-in-1 the game. We hope you enjoy Clash Royale 2v2 mode with this hammer, it is important that you do not forget that skills and communication are the most important in this Clash Royale mode.

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