Top 10 Finder alternatives for Mac you can use


Mac users have developed a love-hate relationship when it comes to Finder. While there is no denying that Finder is quite capable, Apple It has not been so fast adding the functionality in a timely manner. Third-party developers have taken matters into their own hands and have been releasing some great Finder replacement apps. So if you really want your MacOS Finder to do more, here are the top 4 Mac Alternator Finder you can use in 2019.

Top Finder alternatives in 2019

1. Commander One v2

Commander One v2 is the latest version of the popular Finder Commander One alternative and it's just great. It is a solid solution for anyone looking for a Finder alternative. Keep a dual pane file manager For starters, which can make file operations very easy to do if you have some screen space to spare.


Commander One v2 also encourages you to be a keyboard ninja and you can configure keyboard shortcuts for virtually everything you would do with the touchpad, including but not limited to file operations, selection, and navigation through the user interface.

At personalization Head-on, users can choose from ten pre-installed themes. If you're feeling artistic, you can also change the look of items individually, including fonts, selection, and background color.

Cmmander One 5

Search for it is one of the many areas where Commander One really shines. You can not only search by file name, but also look inside the contents of a file, even if they are in a compressed ZIP folder. You can also do a case sensitive search.

Cmmander One 4

the Pro version allows you to link your DropBox account, Google Drive, Amazon S3 account along with the recently added account, Backblaze account and more. It provides easy access to these cloud accounts so you don't have to keep switching from on-premises storage to cloud storage.

the built-in FTP manager allows you to connect to remote FTP servers. Combined with dual-pane browsing, you no longer have to keep moving back and forth to operate data between your local storage and your cloud storage.

3. Commander one

Other new features in Commander One v2 include the ability to open and edit files stored on online connections, the ability to open and edit files on MTP and iOS devices, support for Finder Extensions, and more.

Commander One v2 can transform the Finder experience on your Mac with its endless list of features. It also has a free version, so there is no reason not to get it.

To download: Commander One v2 (Free version) | Commander OnePro version, $ 29.99)

2. Route finder 8

Path Finder has been serving the needs of Mac users for the past seventeen years and its iteration, Path Finder 8 brings several improvements and ushers in a new era for this software. Path Finder also comes with a dual panel navigation bracket, which also gives you access to bookmarks and hidden files. Like Commander One, Path Finder also allows you to create custom keyboard shortcuts for quick navigation.

Dual-pane navigation

Path Finder has an innovative feature called “Drop stack"To copy / move multiple files. Basically it is a temporary storage area for your files, which “collects” all the files you need to copy / move and allows you to perform an operation on all of them at once. This is particularly useful when dealing with large numbers of files, which are scattered throughout the storage area.


In addition to the features mentioned above, Path Finder brings all the features you expect from a powerful Finder alternative. Allows you to customize the interface, supports cloud storage service (Dropbox only), provides support for custom keyboard shortcuts, and more.

Top 10 Finder alternatives for Mac you can use 3

All told, the biggest differentiator for Path Finder has always been modules, and Path Finder 8 has a completely new and flexible module structure. You can organize these modules the way you want and even customize them on the stand visually and functionally. This makes Path Finder the most versatile search engine alternative you can find.


Path Finder has always been great and the new Path Finder 8 has further improved this software. If you're willing to pay $ 39.99, Path Finder is the tool I'd recommend.for advanced users.

To download: Route finder ($ 39.99, 30-day free trial)

3. Lifting machine

The forklift is another great Finder alternative for advanced users. As with the other two alternatives we've seen, it supports dual-pane navigation and customizable keyboard shortcuts. It also has breadcrumb navigation like Windows, so you can easily browse your files.


Forklift can connect to Remote FTP, SFTP, SMB servers, so you can manage your files between servers.


It also includes a centralized place to remove all leftover applications and data, although macOS Sierra now includes it natively.


Forklift search It can traverse compressed folders and even files stored on remote servers. It's pretty powerful.For cloud integration, Forklift supports Amazon S3 only as of now. If you are an avid Dropbox user, this could be a deciding factor. Overall, if you could do without Dropbox support, you might want to consider taking a look at Forklift.

To download: Forklift$ 29.95, 14 3-day free trial)

4. Total search engine

Unlike the other ThreeFinder replacements we've seen previously, Total Finder is not a standalone app. Instead, integrates with the original Finder application on Mac TotalFinder Chrome features style tabs and dual-pane navigation. As you may have noticed, dual-pane navigation is quite a standard feature in Finder alternatives.


Users who move from Windows it should definitely feel like home like Total Finder add Cut-paste functionality to context menu.


Probably the most innovative feature of Total Finder is the "Visor window", Which allows you to assign a global keyboard shortcut to bring up a Finder sliding window from anywhere. You can perform any operation quickly, press the shortcut again and the "Visor Window" slides out of sight.


For ordinary users, I would recommend using Total Finder as it adds essential functionality to the Finder without burning a hole in your pocket.

To download: TotalFinder (PS11.99, free 14-day trial)

Other honorable mentions

XtraFinder integrates with the normal Finder application and adds essential functions like dual-pane navigation, cut and paste, and global hotkey assignment. If you are looking for the basics, XtraFinder might be.

To download: XtraFinder (Free)

FinderPath does just one thing and does it pretty well: add a Windows address bar style in the Finder app. Just press CMD + G when you are in a Finder window to open an address bar. Here, you can easily copy and paste the full file / folder address and jump directly to it.

To download: FinderPath (Free)

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Choose the best search engine alternatives

I would say Path Finder, Commander One v2, and Forklift, all three alternatives are quite capable and powerful. Since they all have a long list of features, it could be quite difficult to choose any one of them. From my personal experience, I have come to love Path Finder. You don't necessarily have to settle for my words. What I recommend is that you check the list of features of these four Finder replacement apps and see what features can benefit you.

If you are not a great advanced user, I recommend you go with TotalFinder. Add all basic functionality at minimal cost. If you're not willing to spend money, XtraFinder could also be a pretty good free alternative. As I said, to each his own. I hope you find this list of Finder alternatives useful. Tell us which Finder alternatives do you use to improve your Finder experience?

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