Top 10 video editing apps for Android for professionals

by Kelvin

Video editing is largely considered a job for larger screens and is generally a PC. However, today's mobile devices also have a fairly capable processor package. While the screen is smaller on Android smartphones It may not be ideal, sometimes you have to edit videos on a cell phone quickly. Some people even like to edit all their videos directly on mobile. Let Google Play Store Fortunately for them, it's packed with great video editors for Android. Here are 10 of the best video editing apps for Android, including many free video editors for professionals and amateurs. This video editing application will allow you to edit and improve your videos on Android like a professional.

1. PowerDirector – Best video editor app

PowerDirector is one of the most complete and best video editors for Android. It is packed with features including various quick editing tools, various effects, and even collage makers. This Android video editor also supports slow motion video and effects. Video editing is a complicated and difficult process to do without mouse precision and increased visualization. However, PowerDirector does have an interface that is relatively easy to use even though it uses the classic timeline method.


If you are someone who often edits videos, the interface will be quite familiar to you. Although this application is free to download and use, not all features. To get additional features, you must withdraw money. Maybe it's better if you have a big screen tablet or better, Chromebook, to take full advantage of all that this Android video editor has to offer.

2. ActionDirector Video Editor for Android

On PC, ActionDirector is one of the most popular video editing applications after Adobe Premiere Pro. Unlike Adobe Premiere Pro, the Action Editor video editor is also available for Android. However, the Android video editor is much closer to Adobe Premiere Clip than to its PC partners. It supports basic functionality, of course, allowing you to import clips, edit them, and create videos.

It also allows you to add your own music, cut and cut videos, add text, change the color of the video, use slow motion, speed up certain parts or all of the video and more. The Action Director video editor for Android also supports 4K video as long as your device is capable of displaying it. They provide a good tool to check if your device supports 4K video. The default sharing menu allows you to quickly share your creations on popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram or the messaging application of your choice.

3. Quik – Best video editor for Android phones

Top 10 video editing apps for Android for professionals 2

Quik is a free Android video editor from GoPro, a name that is quite popular in the world of camcorders. This is an application made with touch screen and phone, but it is also a complete video editor. It is also my favorite application when I want to make quick and fun videos on my cell phone. Video editors serve amateurs and professionals alike, at least as professionally as you do with Android devices. The whole process is like installing a program. windows where the installation guide guides you through it.

You can simply choose multiple automatically created photos and videos. And you can quickly choose from many different video styles. Some of them look very professional and it would be difficult to say that a video like that was made over the phone. You also have the option to choose one of the many background scores included in the app or add your own score. To do that, select the music icon at the bottom, right in the middle.

Tapping the edit icon (pencil) in the video also allows you to edit each frame one at a time, add new frames, or delete multiple ones, like the Quik logo at the end. It also allows you to change frame size, video length, add filters, text, everything you can expect from a video editing application. As with photos, you can even combine multiple videos and photos, or add music and effects to one video. With all its benefits, Quick is truly one of the best video editing apps for Android in Google Play Store.

4. Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip - Best Video Editor for Android "data-lazy- =" "src =" - Android-for-Professional.jpg

Top 10 video editing apps for Android for professionals 3

To clarify everything, Adobe Premiere Clip is not like Adobe Premiere Pro. Adobe's Android video editor is far inferior to its PC counterpart, but it's free. It is also not as good as PowerDirector. If you use Premiere Pro on your PC, Premiere Clip can be a great companion app for making a few minor modifications on the go. It may contain edits, music bookmarks, fonts, and other assets that you use in Premiere Pro.

That could be exactly what Adobe wants, a companion app for Premiere Pro. Because you can't use this without registering or logging in. On the plus side, you get an Android video editor with enough artificial intelligence to make videos for you automatically. The interface is vertical only and provides plenty of tools to get the job done. I suggest you give this excellent video editing app a try.


MOCR video editing application "data-lazy- =" "src =" best-for-Android- for-Professional .jpg

Top 10 video editing apps for Android for professionals 4

MOCR is a relatively new application, but one of the video editing applications for Android is developed from scratch for touch screens. This app is still in beta version and has been around for a year. So the Android video editor might not be complete or it might have some errors. However, if you only want to do a minor video edit like adding watermarks, overlays etc. That may be one of the easiest apps to do it. Funny Facebook As videos continue to rise, meme creators and people who do such things can also use MOCR.

This treats each video as a layer, in Photoshop. You can add layers above or below your video, which can be GIFs, photos, or even other videos. You can also add text and filters on top of your video and of course you can also cut videos. Editing the position and size of the layer is also more difficult than it should be for a reason. You should keep tapping the same button until you find something that suits you.

Users can also record external audio via video, which can come in handy if you make it fun Facebook the video The original video audio can obviously be muted if you want. The frame rate can be increased or decreased, but depending on the amount determined by the application itself.

6. Filmora Go

Go to Filmora's video editor "data-lazy- =" "src =" Best-for-Android -for-Professional .png

Top 10 video editing apps for Android for professionals 5

Filmora Go is a Wondershare Android video editor that generally makes great PC apps. This video editor is a practical option for many Android users. Basic tasks like cropping, cutting, adding themes, music, etc. Very easy to do with Filmora. Although the application may try to convert your recording into a video that you edit yourself, this application allows you to participate directly in the process. Also supports 1: 1 video to upload InstagramYou can obviously make 16: 9 videos for YouTubeetc. It also has several unique features, like turning the video upside down, in addition to the usual features, like adding transitions and text.

The Android video editing app also supports slow motion videos and adds overlays. While most features are free, some features are locked behind in-app purchases. Filmora also adds branded watermarks to videos that can be removed with in-app purchases.

7. WeVideo – Cloud Video Editor for Android

Top 10 video editing apps for Android for professionals 6

Although cell phone processors have come a long way, they are still not suitable for complete PC processors. Therefore, the same video that a PC capable of taking a few minutes needs can take time on your cell phone. WeVideo, therefore, tries a different approach by bringing all processing to the cloud. This is definitely not the ideal solution for those who care about privacy. After all, most people will upload private videos to the company's server.

Another rather big downside to this approach is that your video needs to load first. Then, once done, you must re-download everything. For small videos that are fine but for something big, this is not only time consuming but not very mobile friendly unless you are connected to WiFi. If you don't feel pressured by these weaknesses, you will receive a modern interface that is different from traditional video editors. This is aimed at users who have never edited a video before, so the interface is quite simple.

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8. Magisto

Top 10 video editing apps for Android for professionals 7

I've been using the Magisto video editing app for a while and I find it quite interesting. Magisto is something like WeVideo in the sense that it also uploads its videos to its own server. This does some editing, includes additional music and visuals, then produces files that you can share on your social media. It is also aimed at people who have never edited the video and do not want to study. This is definitely not an app for something serious, especially professional work.

Magisto is for busy parents or grandparents who don't want to take the time or effort of learning to edit videos but want great videos of their kids or pets etc. This app can take some awkward recordings, unclear photos and do something much better than them.

9. Kinemaster – Video Editor for Android

Kinemaster video editor "data-lazy- =" "src =" Best-for-Android-for- Professional. png

Top 10 video editing apps for Android for professionals 8

Kinemaster is one of the most convenient video editing applications for Android. First, it allows you to drag and drop files to import them into the editor. This is a basic and small feature like that, but it is very useful in terms of comfort factor. Not only this, this video editor for Android offers an extraordinary level or better control over the editing process. This is marketed to professionals or at least people who are familiar with traditional PC video editing applications.

The interface is a little easier to use and understand than something like PowerDirector. However, that does not mean it has no features. Kinemaster supports all kinds of functions, from basic to advanced, while being more touch-friendly. Despite all this, comfort will be charged. By default, the application applies a watermark for each video you make. You can get rid of it and get more features, but with a monthly or yearly subscription, not a one-time payment.

10. VivaVideo Editor

VivaVideo is another video editor that is quite popular for Android. Its popularity may be due to the fact that it is not important. What that means, this isn't the easiest thing to do, but it's also not the most comprehensive of features, so there are fewer things to play with. This works best if you make short clips for social media like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. This uses a storyboard layout like Quik, where you edit and cut each segment before moving on to the next.

VivaVideo includes over 200 video filters and various other effects, text input, and fast and slow motion support. The free version will tag your videos and will have a video duration limit. This restriction can be removed by purchasing the pro version.

Video editor app for Android, or just apps like this in general, like photo editing apps smartphones. Only you can say what is good for you and others can only guide you. In addition to this list, there is a good chance that you may have to go through some of the above options to find the one you like best.

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