Want to customize the screen of your Samsung device Galaxy? An easy way to do this is to implement the themes that Samsung suggests. You will not have to complicate yourself by choosing icons, backgrounds, fonts, or color palettes since you will have everything perfectly combined in these themes.


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Don't you know what style to choose? Check out some of these free theme suggestions for devices Galaxy.

Subjects with illustrations, drawings and abstract designs

Do you want a theme that awakens your creativity? Then choose one of these designs with very different styles and color palettes.

Top 40 Samsung Themes themes for Samsung mobiles Galaxy 10

Doodle game with a combination of colors on a metallic background. The second theme you see in the image is called Metallic Liquid and proposes a palette of gray and light blue colors. And a similar style follows Gray Abstraction.

Top 40 Samsung Themes themes for Samsung mobiles Galaxy 11

Or do you prefer themes with illustrations and drawings? In that case, you will find styles such as Artistic Eyes with different eye designs in full color, Paint Dragon with hints of dramatic colors or ZK Work out! With an intense illustration and personality.

Are you looking for a more intense theme? MU Elemental Master, MU-SaintStriker and MU-DevilHunter share Design, drama and intensity.

Top 40 Samsung Themes themes for Samsung mobiles Galaxy 12

Keep in mind that the theme and colors will be repeated in the different sections of the mobile device.

And a completely different style is our suggestion of lock screen animation with Neon Skull. You will have to open it in Samsung Theme to know what this theme is about.

Animal themes and pastel colors

Do you want a topic that reflect your love for animals? Then you can opt for Boocat, which combines the figure of a kitten in different scenarios or the Bunny in the pink that combines very well with icons in white lines. Or you can give Flamingo Love a chance with flamenco and pastel colors.

Top 40 Samsung Themes themes for Samsung mobiles Galaxy 13

And if you want a theme of this style with the animated lock screen, try Winter Memories, with a design in light tones.

Topics for sports fans

Sports are your thing? There are dozens of themes with this theme for devices Galaxy, and we have selected these three options:

The first option is Volleyball Sport combining a brightly colored palette for volleyball lovers. And if your thing is football then you can opt for Victory Goals with an illustration style in three colors, or Soccer Tactic in black and white.

Top 40 Samsung Themes themes for Samsung mobiles Galaxy 14

And for those who prefer baseball, there is an animated Lee Seung Yuop theme.

More relaxed and fun themes

If the week makes you eternal and do you want to give a fun touch You can give this style of themes a chance. The first theme is called For Wanted Poster, the second illustration is Today meme and the angry boy is ZK Fire Legend.

Samsung emoticons themes

Or if you want something more weekend, you have Beer Festival Theme, Music Player Theme, Blue King for the victory

Top 40 Samsung Themes themes for Samsung mobiles Galaxy 15

Dark themes

Do you prefer themes with dark backgrounds? Black Gold combines black with golden lines and Baby RedBlack uses a gray scale and red shades for the icons. And if you want a touch of color then choose a style like the third theme.

Top 40 Samsung Themes themes for Samsung mobiles Galaxy 16

Or you can choose a completely dark theme by choosing An distant letter, or prefer one that animates the lock screen with Gold Elite.

Love and friendship issues

One of the favorite categories of Samsung Themes are the themes dedicated to feelings. There are many styles, but we highlight three.

Top 40 Samsung Themes themes for Samsung mobiles Galaxy 17

Meet on the Milky Way with a Japanese illustration style in blue and violet tones, Take a walk with a minimalist design and Love with a youthful style combining hearts and lots of pink.

If you prefer themes with photographs of couples, check out M waiting for you for … or Just Love. And if you have time, take a look at the Sentimental section that there are many themes based on very delicate and romantic illustrations.

Nature and travel issues

Are you looking for something more relaxing? There are many topics dedicated to landscapes, nature or important cities.

For example, SC Dandelion mixes green hues, and Soft Nature combines warmer colors. And on the other hand, Sea Cliff Bridge puts us to dream of the sight of one of the most spectacular bridges that exist and gives us an exquisite panorama of Australia.

Top 40 Samsung Themes themes for Samsung mobiles Galaxy 18

Or you can have a theme overlooking one of Prague's castles with Galaxy in Prague or a night view of the river under one of the most famous bridges with River of the nigth. Or you can have a theme with aerial views of Dubai with Town of Dream.

How to apply Samsung Themes themes

It is a very simple process. Click on the screen to display the launcher's functions and choose Themes. This will take you to the theme gallery where you will find the ones you already have installed and the ones that are available. There are free and paid.

Each theme has previews so you can check if you like that style. If so, just choose to download, apply and you will have it installed on your device. The links of the themes that we share have to open them directly on your mobile device and will direct you to Samsung Themes.

If you have tried a theme and you don't like it, you just have to go to the "My themes" section, choose to delete and select the theme you wish to uninstall. Or you can directly apply a new theme. All images are illustrative, so you will have to try them to see how they integrate into your device Galaxy.

A final detail to keep in mind is that the topics we mention are free, but considering that they correspond to different developers, it is possible that some change to payment method.

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