Touch ID goes back to iPhone to complement Face ID security

by Kelvin
Touch ID Face ID Apple iPhone segurança

Always focused on user safety, the Apple In recent years it has put forward proposals to increase it. Important milestones such as Touch ID or Face ID have shown and enhanced this protection.

After we have seen Touch ID disappear, to make way for the most evolved Face ID, important news now comes. Soon to Apple You can rephrase your proposals and get back the Touch ID, probably in addition to Face ID.


Touch ID Face ID Apple iPhone security

It will be next week that the Apple will reveal to the world your proposals in the world of smartphones for this year. The new iPhone is a certainty, but many more proposals will surely emerge.

Touch ID's return to iPhone

A novelty that has now emerged gives a possible news for next year. The iPhone that launches in 2020 could bring back the Touch ID. It is not known if the Face ID will be paused or if they will be complementary systems.

The idea of Apple, and certainly the reason for abandoning Touch ID, is in its position. The brand wanted this to work on the screen, something that is apparently just now being addressed. This will always be a change to be incorporated in iPhone only in 2020.

Touch ID Face ID Apple iPhone security

With these two biometric elements present in the smartphone of Apple, you just need to choose which one you want to use. In this way they complement each other and guarantee the highest possible safety. It will take the moment to dictate which unlock to use, both finger and face.

Apple will improve Face ID security

It is expected, however, that with the 2019 iPhone the Apple bring news in the field of biometrics. These will show a faster Face ID and work in new scenarios. It is said that this smartphone will be able to use face unlocking on a table.

It has been many years since Apple wants to bring the fingerprint reader to the screen, making it even easier to use. Other manufacturers, such as Huawei or Samsung, have achieved it without apparent problems. The apple brand now takes the necessary steps to make this a reality.

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