TP-Link announces new smart products: bulb, LED strip and more

by Kelvin
TP-Link announces new smart products: bulb, LED strip and more

TP-Link did not want to miss the IFA in Berlin, the company specializing in home accessories has announced new smart devices that can be controlled via mobile and are compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa. So are your new smart bulbs, the new LED strip and a security camera with wide angle

WLAN KL50 and KL60, new smart bulbs

The new smart bulbs from TP-Link differ in hue. The KL50 offer soft white tones, while the KL60 has warm amber tones. Unlike other bulbs that can be controlled through the mobile, these have an industrial design, with a gold-finished socket.


These smart light bulbs allow us to save up to 80 percent of energy consumption compared to conventional light bulbs. In addition, they can be controlled with the TP-Link Smart Home app. Therefore, if we have several bulbs, we can group them to program the on and off, as well as other functions through the app.

KL430, LED light strip

The LED strip KL430 can also be controlled through the application and allows changing colors in a wide palette. In addition, with options to generate visual effects. This LED strip arrives in 2 meters and with the possibility of extending up to 10 meters. It is also compatible with Google Assistant.

Kasa Spot KC115, wide angle security camera

Another novelty of TP-Link at IFA is the Kasa Spot KC115, a security camera that has a wide angle and 118 degrees and the possibility of expand memory through a 128 GB micro SD. In this way we can save the entire recording of the security camera. Another interesting function is the "patrol mode", which focuses on specific areas for a long period of time. The recording is in Full HD.