Tracker Change Firewall Review: Free Firewall Management Tool

by Kelvin
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Tracker Change Tracker detects any changes to firewall rules efficiently. How does it do it? Connect to firewalls from many manufacturers. Thus, this program acts as a central console that displays, monitors and compares policy reviews. These policies, of course, apply to every device connected to the network. All this happens in real time.


One of the differences with this tool is that it supports firewalls, whether traditional or cloud-based. Among the data we can get from each change in firewalls, we can mention:

  • The author of the changes.
  • Date.
  • If so, a comment or link associated with the change or event.

Now let’s take a closer look at what this tool offers, which is currently free of charge, and you can start testing right away.

Extensive reports for better control of firewalls

Every good network administrator knows the importance of adhering to rules and regulations, especially when it comes to firewalls. Audit processes are usually very comprehensive and detailed in terms of the information you want about firewalls. Firewall Change Tracker helps you create highly detailed reports with the data we mentioned above and much more, all without differentiating between manufacturers. It is nice to know that from now on, audit time will no longer take a lot of time to prepare reports.

Not only can you use the reports when going through audits, but you can also spot configuration changes that might cause some inconvenience, ideal for correcting them later. This means that this tool serves as a great ally when it comes to supporting network events related to firewalls.

For example, you can define rules that give too many permissions or that are too restrictive. Remember, it is very important to create rules that maintain a balance between the permissions and restrictions of the various connections that occur through the ports.

Tracker Change Firewall Review: Free Firewall Management Tool 3

Above we can see that the interface of this solution provided by Tufin is quite intuitive and allows you to comprehensively manage all branded firewalls such as:

  • CheckPoint
  • Fortinet
  • Cisco
  • Palo alto networks
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Juniper

The important point is that Tufin provides dedicated support Change Tracker firewall page. Where you can find the information you need to get started using the program, in addition to detailed installation instructions and how to perform basic tasks that the tool allows: generating reports, mapping networks, managing connected devices, and more. a plus.

Tracker Change Firewall Review: Free Firewall Management Tool 4

How to download Firewall Change Tracker

You must enter official portal program, fill out the form with the required data, and a download will be automatically created. It should be borne in mind that at the time of loading you must have a work e-mail address. In other words, it doesn’t have to match domains like Gmail , Outlook etc.

It is clear that operations must take their course and in many cases security improvements or reinforcements are desirable, but the necessary resources are not available. It is essential to take advantage of the free professional tools. Thus, economic resources will be saved and all employees will be able to use a secure connection while working remotely.