Train Sim World 2020 arrives today on Xbox One


Winning is a slippery concept, something seen everywhere in today's gaming culture. Gone are the days when it came to getting the fastest time or the most precision; that any one of us wins can mean something different: collecting all the achievements, perfecting a career without fail or something like building a castle in person Minecraft that you I think it is beautiful for Train Sim’s WorldWinning is about precision and control, not speed, making it much more challenging than simple racing.

Train Sim’s World always has a rating system but for Train Sim World 2020 Our renovation wants a system that reflects the demands of real train drivers and engineers, while feeling like a game with mission objectives that are easily accessible, the ability to track and learn performance, and most importantly, the ways to understand how to improve your score so you can really control the rails It's already hard enough moving this great machine without having to wonder about your score!


Train Sim World 2020 Introducing our new Action Point Scoring System. Players will be able to see where points are earned to reach their destination, along with the effects of errors such as speeding, passing a signal, or missing a station. When stopping, the more bonuses are available, it will be judged that you must stop precisely at the right place on the platform (that new players often lose hundreds of yards) and how close to their "on time" (not surprising to anyone that this can also be a challenge …). The above delays pressure you to speed up to meet your schedule, but a faster penalty means you always have trouble avoiding too quickly – with the new Action Point system, this impossible problem is now a powerful problem at the hands of! Players!

During your trip, we've added a list of immediate tasks that you can display by pressing and holding the View button on the Xbox One controller, allowing you to see what's stopping and when the time is right to help you plan your time. You can also see at a glance how many Action Points you earn in each of the instructions above to help you understand how your driving helps (or hinders!) Your score.

The result is that you know what it takes to reach the last points, so that your score and skills increase. You'll learn how to stop in the right place first, and then improve when you learn the right braking techniques so you can have the right stop without wasting time driving at slow speeds or frantically swapping between the brakes and the gas pedal. . Be on the lookout for changing speed limits during your trip and you're on the right track for the highest score!

Once the trip is complete, it's time to review how you did it, we've added a detailed Q&A screen with more data and graphs of your speed and speed limit for the duration of the trip. With this, you can check the accuracy of your stops and easily see how you set your speed against line limits and station stops. Are you too early to slow down? Too early? Are you too late to the station? Have you lost start speed reduction? There's a lot to learn when you check the Q&A screen before it's time to run the next service or scenario and return to the cockpit, easier than ever because our new 'Journey' system will automatically suggest a new mission that follows the one you have completed.

Train Sim World 2020

Train Sim World 2020 it's a free upgrade for everything Train Sim’s World player, so jump to make this change in the round! For new players (or people who want to expand their collection), we've also updated the game's core content so that it now shows the latest and greatest routes from last year.

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