Travel photographer Austin Mann tests the iPhone 11 Pro camera

by Kelvin
Travel photographer Austin Mann tests the iPhone 11 Pro camera

There are few hours left for the new iPhone to go on sale, although some people have already had the possibility to test them thoroughly and check the potential of iPhone 11 Pro cameras. If yesterday we told how a filmmaker used the latest smartphone from Apple To record an impressive 4K quality tour of Tokyo, now it's time for travel photographer Austin Mann.

Austin Mann is immersed in his latest work, "The Bach Project with Yo-Yo Ma," in which he accompanies a cellist who plays Bach in unconventional places around the world. During this project, in the period that he has been in China, he has had the opportunity to use an iPhone 11 Pro to immortalize several scenes, some of which are in low light conditions, and has shared his experience.


The power of night mode

Mann Iphone 11 Pro Night Mode Rio

Mann says that the new features of the iPhone 11 Pro that he most wanted to try were Ultra Angular lens (13 mm), night mode and iOS 13 editing tools. One of the photographs he took was Huang Gaohui in the river while he was in his boat when it is about to get dark, a good opportunity to try the night mode of the iPhone 11 Pro.

One thing I love about the approach of Apple For night mode it is the strategic balance of solving a technical problem and, at the same time, worrying deeply about artistic expression. When you see the image above, it is clear that the team did not want to make the night look like daylight, as some of its competitors have done. Instead, it feels more like a hug than it really is (the night) while asking: "How do we capture the feeling of this scene in a beautiful way?"

Iphone 11 Night Mode Comparison

During his trip he has also done several comparisons between the cameras of the iPhone XS and the iPhone 11 Pro without editing the final result, and the difference between the two terminals is abysmal, Mann himself writing that the comparisons "are unfair". And it is impressive how the new terminal of Cupertino can take such photographs even when there is virtually no light in the scene.

iPhone 11 night mode comparison 2

He also explains how excited he was when he learned that the iPhone 11 Pro had improved the rendering of skin tones, because on some occasions the Smart HDR could produce strange effects or orange skin, so he wanted to know if the problem had been resolved. He says that where he had seen the Smart HDR do strange things in underexposed images, so he took a selfie on the plane with the TrueDepth camera and adjusted the exposure as much as the system allowed.

Iphone 11 Pro Selfie

Though Apple has done a good job with the cameras of the iPhone 11 Pro, to Mann would you like some more things to be improved, as more information about the photographs, because you have to use the Halide app to know certain details that are not shown in the native camera application, or more control, such as allowing features to be disabled when deemed necessary, such as OIS.

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