Trick for YouTube: Listen to Music on your Android with the Screen Off

by Kelvin
Logotipo de Ymusic para Android

The amount of content that exists in YouTube It is huge, and one of the most used are those that allow you to enjoy music (such as official video clips or recordings in which new artists are known). The case is that the application of the streaming music platform does not allow to perform some actions that can be surprising even due to its absence in the phones and tablets that use Google's operating system. One of them is to keep listening to the songs when you have the screen off. Luckily it is possible change this.

Waiting for the Mountain View company to decide to change this – we always speak in the free version of their work, not in the paid version – since it is not something that is precisely pleasant for many users, it is necessary to use a application created by third parties which allows you to continue listening to the reproductions that are active in YouTube, even if the screen of an Android terminal is turned off. This, on the one hand, optimize the use of the contents of the Google service and also allows the energy consumption be lower since the panels of the smartphones They are one of the components that need more energy to function (that is, that directly impacts autonomy).


How To Make An App For Android

An application to rescue your Android and YouTube

The development in question is called YMusic, and the manual installation APK can be downloaded at this link (being completely safe and functional) or, failing that in the online store Uptodown. The work we are talking about offers many more functions than getting music to play from YouTube in the background (and even with the screen off). Thus, for example, it is possible from executing downloads from the Mountain View company platform to searching the online service database. Therefore, its usefulness is beyond doubt. And, all this, without having to pay absolutely nothing.

YMusic application interface for Android

The installation process is really simple. If you decide to use the Uptodown store, everything is intuitive, since you simply have to click on the existing download button and, done this, simply follow the steps that appear on the screen. If what you get is the APK, once you have the file on your phone or tablet, just make use of it and then you just have to enable the execution when you ask for it. The rest is just waiting for everything to end.

Using YMusic for Android

Well once you run the development, it works on devices with Android 5.0 or higher and that barely occupies 50 MB in storage, you will see that the user interface is quite intuitive and everything is placed where it is usually usual in the works for the operating system. Display the side menu, by clicking on the icon with three horizontal lines (known as hamburger) and, among the options you will see, you have to use Discover -Yes, the application is translated, so there are no problems for this part.

Use of the YMusic Android application that replaces YouTube

Now in the upper belt you can choose the type of content that you want to find by clicking on the corresponding icon, there is not much doubt as to which of each option is. Do a search in the upper area and regularly use the list with the results. Playback begins this way – management controls are not lacking in work and even a direct access card to do this from anywhere – and, if you stop the development in the background or turn off the screen, you will verify that execution is maintained. Ideal apr, for example, go the car.

Logo YouTube with black background

By the way, there are a couple of details that we think are interesting for this tool that is a excellent substitute for YouTube for Android. The first is that it is possible to download content directly by clicking on the icon that shows an arrow pointing down on the playback interface. In addition, YMusic recognizes the music you have downloaded on your phone or tablet, so it is possible to use this work as a multimedia tool to use. Without a doubt, we believe it is a excellent application This we have shown.

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