Tricks to prevent your mobile from having viruses

by Kelvin
Tricks to prevent your mobile from having viruses

Tricks to prevent your mobile from having viruses – Cepymenews



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Tricks to prevent your mobile from having viruses 4


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15 | 05 | 2020 08:58

Mobile virus

Here are some simple tips to prevent your mobile from becoming infected with viruses that can ruin your day, week, or year-round.

  1. Download apps from official sources (always): never trust non-original app providers. There are many applications (games, social, chats, calendars, QR readers, etc.) created with a single purpose: to install on your mobile and steal confidential information (personal photos, contact information, bank accounts, credit cards, passwords , etc.).
  2. Don’t click on strange links: Links with exclusive offers that come to us through Whatspp or email are more and more common. If any of your contacts send you a link by WhatsApp or email saying that you are going to have Netflix for free, do not open it. You will not have Netflix, but a free virus.
  3. Never give unnecessary information : If you have not followed the previous point and you are about to give information that little or nothing they need, better do not do it. Check carefully what is asked of you and why.
  4. Watch the required permissions of each app: Applications increasingly allow us to do more things and need permissions to interact with data or functions on your mobile phone. But if you download an application is to organize your tasks, surely you do not need to have access to your bank account or contact list.
  5. Browse safe sites: do not enter unknown web pages and do not interact on those that have a strange appearance or are poorly translated into Spanish. Much better if the ones you visit have the https code, because it means that they are protected. For example, CepymeNews has the https code that guarantees the security of your access to the portal.
  6. Install an antivirus: We are not very used to it, but just like on a computer, it is recommended to have a program that monitors what goes in and comes out of your mobile phone. If you choose to download an antivirus, remember that you must do it from official sources; do not download an antivirus that in the end is a virus.
  7. Have your mobile updated: Updates not only improve the interface of the app, but also propose new security measures based on those cyber attacks that have been happening.

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Tricks to prevent your mobile from having viruses 5

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