Triple Touchez to Clear, delete everything written in a message quickly

by Kelvin

Today at TodoiPhone we bring you, as always, the best and most useful tweaks that are in Cydia and this time we will talk about Triple Touchez To Clear. With this new tweak we can erase everything we have written when sending a message by simply pressing the written text three times.

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Triple Touchez To Clear It allows you to completely erase everything you've written so far in a message, so you won't have to press and hold the back button until the message is completely deleted. Some applications bring with them a small button with an β€˜x ’near the text that is being written, thus allowing to erase everything written until then.

But the problem is found in the applications of Posts iOS, whose button with the function to erase all the text is not present. For this reason, the developer of this tweak has decided to incorporate something similar in the Messages application but with a slightly different erase method.

Once this tweak is installed, we will only have to click three times on the text we are writing and everything we have written will be completely deleted, giving way to another message we want to write.

If you are tired of having to press and hold the back button on the keyboard until the entire message is deleted, do not hesitate to give this tweak a chance.

You can find Triple Touchez To Clear in the repo of Bigoss so FREE

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