Trust GXT 155C mouse: brutal design and great features in every sense

by Kelvin
Trust GXT 155C mouse: brutal design and great features in every sense

Good day to all. So, continuing a series of reviews about gaming gadgets, today I want to show you a really brutal mouse with a unique design and some technical goodies that bribed my interest.


  • Compatible software platforms Windows 10, 8, 7
  • Cable length 180 cm
  • USB connection type
  • Connection Type Wired
  • Horizontal Scrolling None
  • Right side
  • Palm grip type
  • DPI Button Yes
  • Number of buttons 11
  • Scroll wheel Yes
  • Number of programmable buttons 11
  • Control left, right, middle, dpi +, dpi -, fire
  • Macro Programming Yes
  • Adjustable weight Yes, 8 weights
  • Trackball No
  • Built-in memory Yes
  • Software Included Yes
  • Designed for gaming Yes
  • Game Type MOBA, MMO, RTS, FPS, RPG
  • DPI range 100 – 4000 dpi
  • Optical Touch Mouse
  • Sensor Model A3050
  • Tracking Speed ​​60 ips
  • Sampling frequency 125/250/500 / 1000Hz
  • Total size 124 x 89 x 41 mm
  • Ergonomic Design Yes
  • 2 year warranty

Packaging and delivery

This gadget has an original design, and the packaging matches it. The packaging is ideological, the box is very colorful, of high-quality printing and at the same time informative, opens like a pencil case.


Trust tried, and, as usual, conveyed information about the device as comprehensively as possible, thanks to the packaging. Namely, the box shows the main technical characteristics of the device, the image of the device, a QR code to simplify the search for a detailed description of it and a link to download proprietary software.

Inside the box on a plastic blister, with a velvet coating the color of blood, our fighter is located. And at the bottom of the box you can find a plastic washer for transporting removable weights, a user manual and a company sticker.

The packaging is undoubtedly original and reliable.

Appearance and operation of the device

Without a doubt, we have a gaming mouse. The design whispers: Ready for battle!

I can say for sure that the mouse turned out to be of a convenient shape and good size, 124 x 89 x 41 mm.

It fits perfectly in the hand, thanks to its size, shape and tactilely nice finish. As for the form: the mouse is quite wide, the tides on the sides allow you to put the whole palm on the manipulator – so it will not touch the mat at all. I hold the mouse with a palm grip, by the way, this is exactly what the manufacturer recommends.

Top material of two types: classic buttons under the index / middle fingers are covered with matte paint with a slight roughness; the ends are monophonic, have a coarser coating. It is worth saying that the mouse has a good grip with the palm, does not slip, if the palm sweats, there is no discomfort upon contact, the material has no unpleasant odor, not easily soiled.

View from above. 2 large keys have a symmetrical design, the only difference is that there is a cutout for an additional button on the left. 2 large keys are very sensitive, have a deep stroke, click loudly, but do not rattle. On a separate platform there is a scroll wheel and 2 keys, to the right of which there are light indicators that inform us about the launch of one of the 5 saved profiles.

The right end does not bear any functional load, except that it complements the ergonomics of this model.

The mouse has an asymmetric design, it is designed to grip with the right hand. The left end is rich in function keys: they are of different shapes. All 8 keys are made of their matte rubberized plastic, protrude from the case, are well felt, firmly set into the case, do not rattle.

The mouse has 3 glow zones.

A 1.8 m long tail stretches in front, which has protection from bending and, which many will appreciate, a fabric braid and a high-pass filter. There is Velcro on the wire, a very convenient thing.

Aft, in the zone of RGB-backlight, the company logo is located

View from below. This huge base placed on itself: 4 slippery glides, a button for changing profiles, an "organizer" for weighting materials and a sensor.

Of course, one of the advantages of this model is the ability to adjust the weight, and at the same time, of course, this increased the dimensions of the device. In the kit there are 8 cylinders of 2 g each, with which we can choose the optimal weight of the mouse.

What I want to say about the sensor. The A3050 is the cheapest and easiest gaming sensor from Pixart. It guarantees a maximum resolution of 4000 dpi and a maximum supported movement speed of 60 inches per second. Often users are unhappy with the A3050 due to the high separation distance and strong acceleration. But, thanks to the unusual design with “ears”, when the mouse clearly conveys the movements of the hand, the movements of the mouse are smoother and lighter compared to the classic mouse. So this optics showed a quick response and easy gliding with accurate reading of movements.

A nice technical feature of this model was the ability to save user profiles not in the account, but in the device’s memory. If you are not a professional gamer who has several gamer kits in his pocket, then this device can be used as universal. By the way, testing the mouse not only in games, but also performing normal office work, I caught myself thinking that I was quite comfortable using this gadget. Firstly, the mouse is conveniently shaped, the weight is adjustable, the buttons respond well, there are a lot of them, plus they are programmable. They are easy to configure for different types of tasks, and, most importantly, at the right time to select the desired profile.


Like many models of this manufacturer, this mouse also supports specially designed software. It can be downloaded from the official website of the company. Here you will find quite extensive settings for reprogramming all 11 keys. The range of functions is quite diverse – duplicating single keystrokes on keyboard keys, creating original combinations and recording macros or completely disabling some keys.

It is worth recalling that the mouse is equipped with 2 zones of RGB-backlight, the modes of which are also regulated using a proprietary driver.


The mouse will find its buyer among novice gamers: the spirit of war will help to feel the design, lighting, rough camouflage. This model was created for lovers more massive and more brutal, for those who like to delve into the settings, assign functions to all keys, for keyboard lovers, when extra left hand movements can be replaced with a simple mouse click, for users who are faced with tasks in various areas of computer activity, and for each one has its own profile with unique settings. The mouse is indeed alive, thanks to its appearance, variable design, RGB-backlight and accurate sensor response.