TuLotero, lottery, pools, Euromillions and much more from your iPhone

by Kelvin

TuLotero, play the National Lottery and other State bets on your iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini

Who has not ever cast a pool or a Euromillion to see if he was lucky and chance gave us a hand? Surely you have ever played the lottery in the Christmas or Child Draw and, although luck has not accompanied us, we keep trying and thinking that maybe next year is ours. Calling randomly and see if he hears us is a matter of little money. From 1 euro we can try to make our life a little more pleasant if we are lucky to have the numbers we have chosen come out. Whether you are an occasional lottery or lottery player, like the bonoloto or the euromillón, or be a constant player that every week looks for that luck in gambling, you will find in TuLotero an essential help.

TuLotero, lottery, pools, Euromillions and much more from your iPhone 9

TuLotero is a free application that works on both iPhone and iPad. Developed in Spain With it you can bet on the National Lottery as well as in different draws such as Bonoloto, Euromillions, Primitiva and Quinigol among others. Fully translated into Spanish, with TuLotero you will have the lottery administration in the palm of your hand. Thanks to the app, you can do all the procedures as if you were doing them in the same administration and, most importantly, no expenses or commissions.


What does TuLotero offer?

TuLotero is your personal lottery administration that you take anywhere on your iPhone or iPad. With TuLotero you can buy and play National Lottery, including Christmas and Child draws, play the draws of Gordo de la Primitiva, Euromillions, Bonoloto, Quinielas and Quinigol. And if it's your turn, you can collect or reuse the money that has touched you in new draws. All from a 100% safe environment, simply and quickly.

To start using TuLotero you must register. Remember that to download it you must be over 17 years old. Thanks to this registration, the application can communicate with you via email so that all transactions are recorded. After registering, when you start the application you will see a screen with the list of games you can play sorted by dates. From each game you will know if there is a jackpot, when is the draw and the amount of money you can win If chance accompanies you. At the bottom are the program options: Account / Options, Balance, Games, My tickets and Last results.

TuLotero, lottery, pools, Euromillions and much more from your iPhone 10

Games option

In this option you will see all the games you can play and how much you can win. The list is sorted by date and in each game you will know how many days or hours are left so you can place your bet. Click on the Play button to be able to bet and choose the numbers for that game. In each draw you can decide if you want the system itself to choose the numbers for you or if you want to choose them manually. You can also choose several days at a time in which that draw is held to make the same bet at once. And if you intend to always play the same numbers, you can check the option of Subscribing to this ticket.

TuLotero, lottery, pools, Euromillions and much more from your iPhone 11

When you click on Play, you will choose the numbers if you have chosen the Manual option. This selection is made with a very simple process that is constantly assisted with system messages. If you said Random, the administration will choose the numbers for you. You will receive a notice with the chosen combination that will be stored in the My tickets option. In addition to this notice, you will receive an email in the account you placed in the register with the bet you have placed.

Balance Option

Use this option to know your account balance, to charge more money or to transfer the money you have earned to your card or bank account. You will also know the movements you have made with TuLotero. What you have loaded, what you have spent and what you have earned. Do not forget that all these procedures do not carry associated expenses. You can transfer money to your TuLotero account by card or by transfer. Transactions made by card are made through a secure channel managed by BBVA.

TuLotero, lottery, pools, Euromillions and much more from your iPhone 12

Account Option / Options

From here you will manage the program. You can modify your user account information, indicate how you want to be notified of the awards, share the application with your friends and Know which lottery administrations are associated with TuLotero.

Option My tickets and Last results

Since My tickets will let you know which tickets you play and in which draws you play them. Choose the draw you want in the top bar and the numbers you play will appear and on what days for the next draws. In Last results you will know the results of the last draws in real time.

TuLotero, lottery, pools, Euromillions and much more from your iPhone 13


TuLotero is a great Spanish application with which you can participate in your favorite draws from your iPhone thanks to a clear and very easy to use interface. The application is backed by a bank as important as the BBVA. In addition, the transaction system for loading money or transferring money earned is 100% secure and is also managed by BBVA itself.

This week is a good time to download TuLotero because next Friday, day 5, there is a draw for Euromillions with a jackpot of 100 million euros. Maybe it's a good time to call randomly and see if he listens to you. You sign up? Then download TuLotero now and play your favorite numbers. Friday may be your lucky day!

TuLotero, lottery, pools, Euromillions and much more from your iPhone 14

Download TuLotero for iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini

If you do not have this application on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, you can install it through the direct download link, from the App Store, which you will find below.

TuLotero, lottery, pools, Euromillions and much more from your iPhone 15

TuLotero is in the App Store, requires iOS 7.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. It is available in the following languages: Spanish, English and Dutch.

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