Turn off notifications automatically when you listen to music


You don't just hate when you hear your favorite song and pop-up notifications suddenly. While interruption causes a decrease in music volume for a few seconds on most devices, in other cases it can even pause the track. Then you need to restart the music player manually. Therefore, in this guide, we will include steps to disable notifications automatically as soon as you play music on your device. These instructions are necessary. Also, check out our guide to automate your Android device with these tips.

Turn off automatic notification when listening to music

The process will be carried out using the MacroDroid automation application. There are several automation applications. Some like Tasker and IFTTT are quite well known and in fact you must have found them. However, MacroDroid is another application but it does its job with no complications. This is what we will do.

First, tasks related to the music currently playing will be performed. Next, we will attach the DND event to the task. And finally a reverse event will be created which will disable DND mode as soon as the music stops. With that, here are the steps to automatically turn off notifications when listening to your favorite tracks.

Steps to follow

  1. Download and install MacroDroid application on your Android device.
  2. Next touch Add a macro and move to the menu Device event the part
  3. Below that, choose Music / voice playback. In the next pop-up window that appears, select Start
  4. Now going to Action tab and touch Volume
  5. In it, choose Priority mode / Do not disturb The chose.
  6. Then you must grant Do Not Disturb access to this app.
    disable notification actions
  7. When done, go back to the app, Touchez Priority mode / Do not disturb and choose Allow priority notifications.
  8. You can even add some exceptions to this event. For example, you can enter the desired date and time and ensure that the event does not initiate DND actions at that time. I have done the same during my office hours so as not to miss important notifications.
  9. If you want to do the same, touch The obstacle and went to Date hour. Enter the desired data in these two fields.
  10. Finally, give this Macro name and press okay

That's it.You have successfully created a Macro that will automatically disable notifications as soon as you start your favorite track. Now we will create another macro that will automatically disable DND mode as soon as you close your music player. These are instructions for the same.

With that, you manage to create two different macros. The first one will automatically disable notifications as soon as you start any track. The second, on the other hand, will disable DND mode when closing the music player. What do you think about the amazing features of this MacDroid automation app? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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