Turn your Tesla into a counterintelligence car with this trick

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Contraspionaje en un Tesla.

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Hopefully it never happened to you, but if it happened to you, you'll know how awkward it is for a car watch you Go quietly driving down the road and notice how the same car you have seen the previous 6 days is right behind you, following your same route. For these cases it would be great to have a counterintelligence car, right?

Well, you may not need to purchase an anti-surveillance car (and hopefully you don't need it) but if you are a lucky Tesla user, we have great news for you. An user has created a countervigilance software that seems taken from the last spy movie of the moment.

This software can turn our tesla into a real counterintelligence car, controlling if a car is following us and more importantly, being able to control said spy even when parked thanks to Tesla's sentinel mode.

Your Tesla will be a CIA counterintelligence car with this trick

This software is called "Scout" and its main function is to monitor, primarily the people who are following you. That is, pure and hard counterintelligence.

The creator of this software is Truman Kain, senior information security analyst at Tevora. According to Kain, the tool uses the cameras arranged in the Tesla that are used for sentinel mode monitoring the surroundings of the car. When the car is parked, "Scout is also an excellent static surveillance professional, which allows you to execute queries and establish life patterns in the people detected."

Scout uses video sources created for sentinel mode functions and uses both registration and facial recognition to determine if they are following us. All this software runs in real time and shows the driver notifications in case he checks something suspicious.

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For example, if we often find a car suspiciously close to ours, it will recognize it and analyze its route to determine if that car simply uses the same route as us or if on the contrary He is following us.

Kain has released the source code of the tool, making it open source so that we can all install it in our Tesla. If you dare, here is the open source in Github. Even if you are not going to watch anyone, we know that you will feel a real CIA spy with this great trick.

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