Twitter allow you to subscribe to the responses of a tweet that interests us

by Kelvin
Twitter allow you to subscribe to the responses of a tweet that interests us

Twitter It is one of the most used social networks worldwide and has all kinds of interesting options and functions For your users. The possibilities of the microblogging application are more and more and now you can subscribe to responses from a tweet and receive notifications when people respond.

If there is a tweet that interests you in which, for example, mobile phone recommendations or recommendations for books or vacation cities are requested. You can subscribe to the answers to read what people say and so you can have a more global idea or compile recommendations easily. You can be aware of all the answers thanks to the notifications that will arrive to you


Notifications of responses in Twitter

It has been the social network itself Twitter which posted a tweet through the official account of the company. Everything is ready for this novelty to reach Twitter and very soon we can subscribe to the responses of the notifications.

As they collect from ADSLZone, it is a function that seeks to complement account notifications that we do not want to miss. Today you can subscribe to user accounts and they will notify you every time they publish a tweet. You will be up to date with raffles, what your famous favorites or your favorite media say, for example. Now you can go further and this new tool complements the function. You will receive on your mobile a notification every time there is a new response about the tweet you subscribed to.

To subscribe there will be a new button. Next to the conversation, in the tweet, you will see a new bell-shaped icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Just press the bell button to connect to those answers. Yes, just you can subscribe to the answers from the application of Twitter for Android and not from a desktop or browser version.

In addition, you will not have to have your phone full of notifications that do not interest you because you can choose to be notified only in case of main responses. You can subscribe only to relevant users in the social network, to people who are still in the network and who have responded or to answers given by the author himself.

Logically when you're not interested in the conversation Simply disable notifications and replies to this tweet and we will stop receiving them if we are not interested.

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