Twitter fraud using fake tech support accounts


Twitter It is the latest cybercriminal victim to use this platform to launch technical support, command and control (C&C), and data eviction fraud, according to a new study by Trend Micro.

To compile your new "Hunting Threat" Twitter: How Social Media Can Be Used to Collect Actionable Intelligence Intelligence Reports, Trend Micro Researchers Analyzed Large Numbers Twitter data to identify relationships between various entities to find anomalies and reveal key ideas.


Trend Micro Vice President of Cloud Research Mark Nunnikhoven explains how the security community uses social media forever while cybercriminals abuse it for their own benefit, saying:

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  • The IoT device is now a priority for cyber criminals.

"Social media is an inevitable part of modern life, and our new research highlights how it is used positively by the security community and harassed by criminals." This research shows companies how abuse of social media can harm their brands and inform consumers how they can be tricked into becoming frauds of what is believed to be a trusted source. We hope that by publicizing this violation, both businesses and consumers can be vigilant not to be a victim of such attacks. ”

Twitter fraud

Trend Micro discovered that cybercriminals use fake money Twitter Account to cheat legitimate business people for credible tech support fraud.

Users will call bogus phone numbers provided by this account, thinking they are actually talking to the company's help desk, and the attacker will convince them to share their credit card information or to install dangerous content on their computer.

This effort is often part of the cross-platform strategy used. YouTube, Facebook Telegrams and other channels to improve SEO for fake internet-linked tech support sites Twitter account in an effort to improve your search ranking.

To prevent victims from falling for this scam or similar in Twitter, Trend Micro recommends that users confirm validity Twitter account by reviewing the company's website directly rather than through an account. At the same time, it is also important that the security team validate Twitter data when using it for investigations or intelligence threats.

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