Twitter will allow you to hide responses to tweets

by Kelvin
Twitter allow you to subscribe to the responses of a tweet that interests us

Twitter It is one of those social networks that we use every day and often strives to launch new features and options for users. Now, Twitter has announced that It will allow service users to hide responses to their tweets. Not only will you stop seeing them but they will not appear for other users.

What does this mean? When you write a tweet and someone clicks on it, the most interesting answers or all the answers come out. But Now you can hide some that do not interest you or that you think is offensive. What you will do will not eliminate the tweet of that person since it is not up to you or silence it for you but will make it disappear for all users. All the tweets you want will be hidden and to see them you will have to click on a corresponding icon.


You will not delete the tweets but you will hide them. The hidden answers will have an icon and if a person clicks on this icon, what you have hidden will appear. This can be useful for unpleasant content that you do not want to appear just open the application not only for you but for everyone, in general. Also, when you decide to hide someone’s tweet, Twitter It will ask you if you want to block the user who wrote it or not.

Twitter will allow you to hide responses to tweets 2

“In general, people hide answers that they believe are irrelevant, abusive or that are not understood,” he explained. Twitter Your new function. "People who used the function thought it was a useful way to control what they saw."

For now, the function arrives in the United States and Japan although it will arrive in other countries soon or we hope so. It has been tested in Canada and Twitter says he found that 27% of users whose tweets were hidden said they would analyze how they behave on the platform. Maybe it's a way to make trolls or disrespectful people reflect on the social network regularly.

Twitter wants, with this measure, to stop bullying, false information or abuse and although we will not be able to finally silence those trolls, with this tool we can hide them a bit. “The new function helped people and allowed them to have better conversations. It was a useful tool to use with answers that move away from the user's original intention ”, they have explained from the social network, ensuring that the results obtained are positive and encouraging.

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