Two solutions that want to improve the traditional email

by Kelvin

The email is immortal. The years pass and it continues being the most used solution to communicate in business environments.

It is true that instant messaging has saved us a lot of time. Whatsapp in the personal environment, Whatsapp Business to communicate companies with clients or Slack to communicate people within the same company help a lot to reduce the amount of emails that are sent daily, but still the flow does not stop, and our boxes of Entrance are always always full.


Today we will talk about two solutions that aim to provide a solution to this issue: Hiver and mailbor.

Hiver: This is a solution that improves the Gmail inbox. We can use Gmail to efficiently access, delegate and track emails from a shared Inbox, collaborating and making mentions to work together with email responses in real time.

The idea is to allow internal conversations without email, as with Slack, and delegate emails as tasks directly from Gmail, which helps keep track of the team's workflow.

It is also possible to add notes to emails, as well as make reports and automate tasks.

The objective is to have accounts as contact @ or info @ where several people can collaborate reading and responding, avoiding the ccs and the bccs.

mailbor: It is a platform with several years of experience that helps us create conversations with other users. In these conversations we can include messages, files and emails, all within organized rooms so that it is easy to find the information when we search for it.

We have an access control system to know who and when someone has accessed the conversations or emails, and it is possible to delete messages and emails at any time if the recipient has not opened it.

Accounts can be shared with other people without sharing passwords, and a log is maintained to know everything they have done in our absence.

With web and mobile version, they have voice, text and video.