Uber and Lyft prepare legal battle against dissatisfied workers

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Uber and Lyft prepare legal battle against dissatisfied workers

In the state of California, a proposal to classify Uber and Lyft workers as official company employees is under discussion. Currently, these private transport companies regard their drivers as self-employed, undermining their rights and tax benefits.

Unfortunately, Uber and Lyft's response was to create a counter-proposal to 'relieve them' of this responsibility. The irony is that this counter-proposal could cost both companies $ 60 million. Companies have even been accused of spending millions in court rather than offering better conditions.

Billionaires who say they can't pay minimum wages to their workers say they'll have to spend tens of millions to avoid labor laws. Just pay your damn workers! https://t.co/PtyP4JZ7W0

– Lorraine (@LorenaSGonzalez) August 29, 2019

Uber and Lyft drivers demand better conditions

During demonstrations that began around July, drivers demand to be recognized as employees of both companies. This ensures that workers are better protected against accidents or unemployment.


Workers also want the right to reform and create a union. The truth is that many citizens work at Uber and Lyft as odd jobs, having other jobs considered 'normal'.

Uber and Lyft paid drivers not to strike

According to the Los Angeles Times, Uber and Lyft sent an email to 'bribe' drivers to speak up for the companies. This was supposedly done in order to create opposition to the legislation to improve workers' conditions and keep them independent.

However, this questionable action was not confirmed by either company. The truth is that the email proposed to credit the protesters with meal, parking and time expenses, so Uber and Lyft's intentions may not have been exactly biased.

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