Uber manages injunction that circumvents vehicular inspection in So Paulo

by Kelvin

Uber manages injunction that circumvents vehicular inspection in So Paulo 3

Thanks to a lawsuit at the São Paulo Court of Justice, Uber (which started a quality assessment program in São Paulo) obtained last Thursday (05) an injunction that suspends the requirement of vehicle inspection of drivers registered in the platform that work in the city of São Paulo.

That is, in other words, the São Paulo City Hall cannot impose inspection-related fines (not least as long as the injunction – which protects all active cars on the platform – is in force).


According to the judge in charge:

(…) Both the Brazilian Traffic Code and the Federal Urban Mobility Law do not provide for vehicle inspection specifically for private vehicles intended for individual private paid passenger transportation.

The magisterial decision was based on the argument that the municipality has no competence to create new requirements beyond those provided for in federal law (as is the case with such mandatory inspection).

Uber partner drivers who are interested in working in Sao Paulo will not need to conduct Vehicle Inspection for CSVAPP at this time.

Through the injunction, Uber has shown that it remains firm in its mission to provide an efficient and stable service, not only to customers but also to its partners that would surely be harmed by the new measure, which provided fines of up to R $ 5,100 and seizure of the vehicle.

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