Uber receives injunction against vehicle inspection in São Paulo

by Kelvin

A court ruling prevented Sao Paulo City Hall from fining Uber drivers who did not do the vehicular inspection. The company questioned the review before the São Paulo Court of Justice (TJ-SP) and obtained an injunction in its favor.

Uber app - driver


City Hall requires two documents for drivers of services such as Uber, 99 and Cabify: Municipal Driver Registration (Conduapp), obtained upon completion of an online course, and Application Vehicle Safety Certificate (CSVAPP), released upon inspection. .

Drivers who do not have the documents can be fined $ 5,100 and have the vehicle seized. If this happens, you still have to pay $ 673 for the removal of the vehicle and $ 54.90 for the use of the yard of the Department of Public Transportation (DTP).

After questioning Uber, Judge Randolfo Ferras de Campos stated that the city can not set new requirements for drivers beyond what is provided for in federal law. The requirement for vehicular inspection and the penalty for the lack of CSVAPP would therefore be improper.

"Both the Brazilian Traffic Code and the Federal Urban Mobility Law do not provide for vehicle inspection specifically for private vehicles intended for individual private paid passenger transport," he concluded.

The judge cited a May Supreme Court ruling ruling that the disproportionate prohibition or restriction of services such as Uber, 99 and Cabify by municipal laws was unconstitutional.

According to the St. Paul's Leaf, City Hall enforcement has reached nearly 20,000 cars used by application drivers since April. About 1,200 drivers were assessed because they did not have the required documents.

While the injunction is in effect, Uber drivers in São Paulo cannot be fined for not having performed the inspection.

With information: Uber.

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