Uber will now allow drivers to deserve a tip

by Kelvin
Uber will now allow drivers to deserve a tip

Uber will now allow drivers to deserve a tip 2

All of us who are users of Uber have had some good experience in the service, such as, for example, that the driver is very kind, friendly, that you have returned your cell phone or object that you stayed in the car, help you with the bags of the supermarket … etc.

Well, now Uber will allow you to give a “virtual tip” to those drivers who deserve it and will go directly to the driver. And you do not need to perform this action after using the service, since you will have up to 30 days to give this tip.


The delivery of this “virtual tip” will add to the other recognitions that the platform has for drivers, such as the evaluation of 1 to 5 stars, as well as the comments that users leave on their profile.

“At Uber, we value the effort and dedication of the driving partners to provide the best experience during the development of each of their trips to our more than 2.2 million users that we have throughout the country. That is why we implement this new option in our application for those users who wish to thank and recognize those details that make the difference on each trip, ”says Verónica Jadue, Communications Manager of Uber Chile.

How much tip can I give to the driver?

As in a restaurant, you can deliver between 5%, 10% and 15% or the amount you prefer. Obviously this process is not mandatory, you decide if you want to tip or not. In addition the driver will not know if you tipped him or not until he has evaluated you as a user, so that the rating is not affected.

This new feature is now available to all users in Chile, as well as in the United States, Mexico and Colombia.

Via Press Release – Uber

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