«Unfortunately, the process has stopped …» How to fix this problem on Xiaomi phones

by Kelvin
Xiaomi arreglar fallo


We can consider MIUI a layer of customization quite stable and full of extra features that Google does not include itself in Android. However, sometimes our Xiaomi mobile phone can experience some operating problems whose origin can be difficult to identify. Today we are going to give you some tips to solve the problem that Android stops with the famous message "Unfortunately, process X has stopped" and that arises when we least expect it, preventing us from using a specific app.


There are several factors that can influence the appearance of this message. It is common to see it on Xiaomi phones that run beta versions of MIUI, but it can happen in any terminal, either by some app that conflicts with the system or even by a malfunction of the microSD card itself. We will see the most common solutions to eliminate the problem.

Android stopped process

Solutions to the problem

Sometimes the simplest solution is the right one. Therefore, the first step must be to restart the device, especially if it has been on for days. We just have to press and hold the power button and turn it off to turn it on again after a few seconds. Another method that usually works to avoid the error screen is clear the data and cache of the application being closed. To do this we go Settings, Installed Applications (or Manage Applications if that is the case) Now we look for the application that is giving you the problems and we touch on it. Click Clear Data, and then Clear all data.

Clear Xiaomi cache data

We can also check that the app is updated to the latest version, since, for example we are in data for a long period, It may not have been updated in case Google Play is set up so that updates occur only under Wi-Fi connectivity, something very typical when we are on vacation. Go to Google Play and select the side menu, click on “My applications and Games and click on“ Update All ”.

If the problem persists we can uninstall and reinstall the app, as well as try to run an older version of the software. This second method may be the solution but it is not highly recommended, since it involves going to a third-party “apk” repository to download the executable of an earlier version of the app and see if the problem is solved in our Xiaomi mobile.

Can it be the microSD?

Sometimes it may be the microSD card that is causing the problem of forced closure. This usually happens when the card functions as internal memory and the app has been installed on the card. If it breaks down it is very possible that the app will give us problems and throw the happy message. To do this we must turn off the phone, Remove the microSD card, and turn it on again. Now we must check if the application continues to give the same problems. If the application works well it means that the microSD card has broken down or its files are corrupted. In that case we can try to format it. If it still does not work properly we can think about buying a new one.

Last chance

If none of this works, you probably have to wait for the developer to release a patch to fix it, as it will be a specific problem or compatibility with your terminal. As last attempt we can try to reset our mobile to factory values, something that makes a lot of sense if for example, the process that closes is one of the basic system as "android.process.acore". For this we will have to go to Additional Settings, Backup and Restore not before having made a backup of all our data.

Xiaomi erase data manufactures

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