Unique options prevent The Medium on Xbox One, says designer

by Kelvin
Unique options prevent The Medium on Xbox One, says designer

Speaking to GameSpot, Wojciech Piejko, head of design for The Medium, revealed that the title cannot be released for Xbox One due to some mechanics present in the game.

According to Piejko, the production team intends to deliver a game in which the player has the chance to observe the world from various points of view, while delivering this adventure in a cinematic way and without interruptions like loading screens.


“I can’t reveal our most important feature right now, we’ll have to leave that for later. But the gameplay mechanics built around these two worlds [o real e o dos espíritos] could not be fully delivered in the current generation. This is something that I think will set our game apart from others. It’s something that has even been patented. So yes, the game couldn’t work in the same way on current consoles, and that’s why it’s in production for Xbox Series X and PC,” explained the head of design.

Another detail mentioned by him during the chat is the fact that the game has been in development since 2012 (at least in the conceptual phase), and ended up going through some changes in this process until it found its current form.

The Medium is scheduled for release later this year.