Unity Learn tutorials to create games with Unity

by Kelvin

If i talk to you about Unity, maybe it sounds to you but you don't know what, but if I name you Pokemon go, Temple run or Hearthstone and I tell you that these games have been created using Unity technology, you will become one of their importance.

Unity It is a multiplatform video game engine that allows you to create a game to be compatible with any desktop operating system, game consoles or mobile devices. And among its clients and partners it has large Microsoft, Nintendo, Google, Sony, Oculus or Xiaomi.

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Launched in 2005, this engine is already in its fifth version and has established itself as one of the most popular, as it allows us to offer good graphics and great playability regardless of the screen where it will run.

Serve this introduction to talk about your project Unity Learn, a page dedicated to offering audiovisual content so that anyone can learn to use Unity to create and program games as do those responsible for titles such as Max & the Magic Marker, Shadowgun, Escape Plan, Outer Wilds or the version of Doom from 2019 to Nintendo Switch, to cite one of the most recent examples.

What do you want to learn?

When we enter Unity Learn We will find material in English but its page is translated into other languages, such as Spanish. And one of the first things we will see is the question β€œWhat do you want to learn?” That tops this text.

Divided into difficulty levels and indicating the time we should devote, in Unity Learn we will find courses, tutorials and projects. Do you want to go more detail? Go to the search engine or see the list of available topics, such as Animation, Art, Design, Cameras, 3D or For educators.

Unity Learn tutorials to create games with Unity 4

Courses can be started whenever you want. They consist of several chapters and we can filter them by difficulty level or duration. The majority of courses, as well as the rest of available content, is totally gratuitous, and the only requirement to sign up for a course or more is to log in with your Unity ID. You can create one if you don't have it from scratch or taking advantage of your credentials of Google or Facebook.

The tutorials are a smaller and more specific version of the courses and resolve doubts or concerns about a specific aspect of creating a game through Unity. Each tutorial is divided, in turn, into several parts and tells you if that tutorial appears integrated into some course.

And when you have learned the theory and want to get going, the projects section will help you practice with Unity through concrete ideas such as creating a 2D game, practicing the movement of objects, making a platform game or an RPG, etc.

For all audiences

As with similar self-taught learning projects, Unity Learn It has a paid version called Unity Learn Premium that gives access to additional content that we can also find in your own store. Here you will find more advanced courses and tutorials For professional use.

Unity Learn tutorials to create games with Unity 5

And if you have doubts, questions or want to meet other trainees like you, you can do it through the Answers sections or through the Unity forum, both used by professional and / or amateur developers.

If you want to start programming games or at least familiarize yourself with it, Unity puts at our disposal a good content repository to learn from basics to essential tasks to create your first game. Definitely, Unity Learn It is a great help using one of the most versatile video game engines.

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