University predicts 100,000 deaths per covid in Brazil in April

by Kelvin
University predicts 100,000 deaths per covid in Brazil in April

After living a chaotic week, and ending March as the deadliest month of the covid-19 pandemic, with 66,000 deaths, in early April (1st), Brazil received a dismal prognosis from the IHME. for the Institute of Metrics and Health Evaluation at the University of Washington, USA: the country could register 100,000 deaths in April.

Based on a total of 321,000 coronavirus victims recorded on March 31, and on the way the country has been managing its health policies, the IHME estimates that the total number of deaths will jump to 422,000 by April 30th. Until the night of Sunday (4), the country accumulated 331,530 Brazilians killed by the disease, according to the consortium of press vehicles.

Assessments by the US institution, which take into account factors such as the spread of virus variants, the use of masks and respect for social distance, estimate that the number of deaths on May 4 in Brazil could reach 436,000 under current conditions. However, the projection drops to 429,000 deaths if 95% of the population wear masks in public.


Among the three scenarios projected by the University of Washington, the worst one predicts 595,000 deaths by the end of the first semester, a number that could drop to 507,000 if at least 95% of the population wear masks in public.

What do newspapers say around the world?

The newspaper Washington Post considers the Brazilian situation “one of the worst peaks of covid infections the world has ever seen”. The American newspaper attributes “to the impressive incompetence of President Jair Bolsonaro and his government” the reduced vaccination rate, the absence of lockdown measures and the emergence of new variants of the virus.

Also in the US, the The New York Times published a self-explanatory headline: “As viruses and economic problems plague Brazil, Bolsonaro improvises and confuses”. According to this periodical, the Brazilian president’s movements “confused and irritated many in Latin America’s largest country.”

In Europe, the British Financial Times he noted that President Bolsonaro had refused to wear a mask for most of the past year, criticized vaccinations and called the pandemic a “little flu.” “Thousands of dead and a country in turmoil: Brazil’s countdown to the covid catastrophe”, announces the headline of the fellow Brit Telegraph.

the german newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine, classifies Bolsonaro’s current management of the covid-19 pandemic as “fatal”. And concludes: “Brazil deserves more”.