Unlink instagram from facebook It's very simple!

by Kelvin

Unlink instagram from facebook It's very simple! 3

Today, the use of social platforms has become popular. Many people use these services to contact friends and family through different applications, at any time. "Instagram”The popular application in which you can upload photos or short videos, and“Facebook"One of the social networks with more experience, are the apps with the highest incidence among all the existing ones.

The linked use of applications is increasing and Instagram Y Facebook They are no exception; however, when privacy knows about limits many wonder how can I unlink Instagram of Facebook?


Steps to unlink Instagram of Facebook

– Go to the profile of Instagram By clicking on the icon that has a "little person shape", in your profile select the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the screen.

– Then, once inside the “options” menu you must scroll on the screen to the configuration and click on “linked accounts”.

– Inside that option will appear all accounts that are linked to Instagram, identified with a "blue" check on the right.

– Select the account you wish to unlink (in this case it would be Facebook), in the social network and a small window will appear with a text that says “unlink”.

– Grant the necessary permissions and in a matter of seconds the account will be unlinked.

Unlink instagram from facebook

Exceptions to unlink Instagram of Facebook

In case the account is from a company, you must do what is described in the previous process, but first you must change the company account to personal profile, otherwise you will not be able to unlink the accounts.

Follow the steps:

– Enter your profile, press the three vertical dots in the upper left corner.
– Then in the options swipe to the account, the option to change personal profile will appear.

Follow the steps to unlink your two accounts, because once they are separated they will not share information, therefore, you will have much more privacy. If you think it will be difficult to manage both accounts; on the contrary, now individually it will be easier.

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