Update brings biometric authentication on WhatsApp Web

by Kelvin
Biometria no whatsapp web

Biometrics on WhatsApp Web will be required every time the user tries to read a QR Code to log into the browser or computer

A new security feature to access the Whatsapp on the computer began to be released this Thursday (28), and should be available soon to all users. THE biometrics on WhatsApp Web will be enabled by default in smartphones which have the function of facial recognition or fingerprint reader.

The messenger will use the biometric information registered in the smartphones to activate the new authentication function, but the company said it will not access or collect “face or fingerprint data” from users.


As the feature will be enabled by default on all devices that have biometric authentication enabled, it will only be possible to remove authentication if the cell phone owner disables fingerprint scanning or facial recognition on the device. Otherwise, there is no option to disable the biometrics feature in WhatsApp Web.

From now on, every time a user logs in via the browser or the computer, it will be necessary to perform biometric authentication before reading the QR Code, which releases access to the web version of the app. The biometrics function in Whatsapp Web will ensure an extra layer of protection for messenger users, preventing unauthorized people from having easy access to the account and being able to read messages. The function will also allow the session to remain active even if the browser is closed, which was not the case before.

Who will be able to use biometrics on WhatsApp Web?

Biometrics on WhatsApp Web will be released in the smartphones with system Android and that have iris, fingerprint, or face recognition enabled. So far, it has not been released which versions of Android will receive the news. In the case of iPhones the update should only arrive for models that operate with iOS 14 and have Touch ID or Face ID enabled.

In addition to being able to use biometric authentication on WhatsApp Web or desktop, you can use the feature to unlock WhatsApp access through smartphone. Thus, every time the user opens the application on the cell phone, biometric authentication will be required. That is, even if you forget your unlocked cell phone, someone else will not be able to access your WhatsApp, as you will need to authenticate whenever someone opens the application.

The company also said that the look of the app will also receive updates, in order to facilitate the control of devices connected to the account. At the end of last year, the company had already announced some new features such as video calls via WhatsApp Web and the temporary messaging function. And new updates are expected for 2021.

update the Whatsapp via the Play Store for Android and the App Store for iPhone to access the new feature.

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