Update May (2004) for Windows 10 will improve our HDD / SSD performance

by Kelvin

It's not a team secret Windows 10 they become slower with the passage of time, but thanks to this next update from Microsoft it will be a thing of the past, and hopefully Can be updated (version 2004) allows Windows 10 get a lot of the agility you enjoy when installed cleanly on our system.

By Windows 10, in 1909, Microsoft made a major change to Cortana, separating it completely from Windows Find Search Windows. In the May 2020 Update, Microsoft has refined the use of indexed disks for Windows Seek to overcome the use of high disks caused by aggressive indexing processes.

Width 10 Storage Manager Usage of 740x372 0


Microsoft claims that Search Windows You can now identify better usage times and manage the indexing accordingly. This results in increased system agility, though this performance improvement will be more likely on computers that are still using older mechanical hard drives (HDD). When using solid state drives (SSDs), performance improvements will not be so noticeable, as the SSD itself performs all the tasks faster.

via: Windows The latest