Update your Galaxy S5

by Kelvin

Update your Galaxy S5 3

Having your phone updated will always be convenient to get rid of some failures that you could suffer in previous versions. Also, this allows you to enjoy some advantages depending on the time it takes to enable for your mobile. This time we will talk about Android 6.0 Galaxy S5 so you have it as optimized as possible.

Android 6.0 Galaxy S5Android 6.0 galaxy s5

The Galaxy S5 is a great terminal that, although it was released several years ago, will offer you great performance features. In case you are looking for something simple but efficient, this mobile could be ideal for you.


Something you should keep in mind is that, depending on the time and place of purchase, Android 6.0 Galaxy S5 can come fully updated, therefore, you can already enjoy all the advantages.

Big improvements

Android 6.0 update Galaxy S5 will bring with it a number of quite beneficial improvements for your mobile. Among the highlights is, for example, the fact that your battery consumption will be lower and, therefore, you can spend more time using the terminal.

In case your cell phone is at rest, it may happen that some application is open. With this new update you won't have to worry about this, because automatically close all tasks after a few minutes.

Easy installationAndroid Marshmallow

To carry out this change you will not have to go to any kind of store. By going to the settings of your mobile device you can see if the new version is already available for you or not. Likewise, the announcement will be made to you when the update is necessary; it would be up to you to accept or decline it.

We hope you can enjoy these new advantages when updating. Share this with some of your family and friends so they also optimize their phones.

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