Updated list of all Samsung phones compatible with Fortnite

by Kelvin
Fortnite Samsung


Fortnite It is one of the trendy Battle Royale and one of the most successful PC games and consoles of recent years, which luckily has its own mobile version. But like any powerful game worth its salt you have to meet some requirements since not all smartphones Android are compatible with the game, which is also not available for download from Google Play. Today we are going to review the updated list of Samsung phones that are officially compatible with Fortnite.


Epic Games often updates the list of compatible devices with Fortnite, but due to the frenetic and continuous launch of many brands, the list is not updated as often as it should. Samsung has reached several agreements with Epic Games to offer exclusive skins on some of their mobiles like the Galaxy Note 9 the most recent Galaxy S10 If you have a Samsung mobile and have tried to install Fortnite without success possibly because it is not in the list of compatible devices. At the moment Samsung phones compatible with Fortnite that Epic Games specifies on its website are the following.

Updated list of all Huawei and Honor phones compatible with Fortnite

fortnite android

Samsung phones compatible with Fortnite

Others may also work

As we see, the new Samsung are not included Galaxy Note 10, perhaps due to their recent presentation, but they are also compatible with Fortnite and Epic will soon add them to this list. Epic also reminds us of the minimum technical specifications for playing Fortnite. That is, we will have to have a smartphone at least with 64 bit processor and Android 8.0 or higher with 3 GB of RAM and an Adreno 530 GPU or higher, Mali-G71 MP20, or Mali-G72 MP12 or higher. Based on these technical features, many other Samsung devices could also install run Fortnite No problem.

Fortnite  in Galaxy Note  9

60 fps game

Within the list of compatible phones there is a very small list of compatible phones with Fortnite at 60 fps. It is the highest quality that can be played right now and requires power and a suitable screen. Luckily Samsung also has two compatible devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (in its US version) and the Samsung Galaxy S10 +.

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