Upgrade galaxy J3 2016 to android 6.0 quickly and easily

by Kelvin

Upgrade galaxy J3 2016 to android 6.0 quickly and easily 3

The Samsung Galaxy J3 It is a versatile phone with different variants, but in one of them it is impossible to upgrade to Android 6.0 Marshmallow and we are talking about Samsung Galaxy J3 2016. However, this is due to circumstances that are not taken into account when updating the mobile, so we will tell you how to update galaxy j3 2016 to android 6.0 in a few simple steps.

update galaxy j3 2016 to android 6.0 samsung


Why is it important to keep our Smartphones up to date?

It is necessary to keep our phones updated Because new features are added to each operating system update, its optimization is better and contains new tools that make using the phone more useful and simple. That's why it's important to keep our phones up to date, something that seems impossible on Samsung Galaxy J3

Alternative way to update

An alternative way to update your operating system is by doing it through OTA (Over the air), this works through a wireless connection with the mobile. To update it by this method you must make sure that there is an update available from the OTA, to verify you must: First you must go to the settings menu of your mobile, then you must go to about my device and finally look for the software update section. Now if doing all these steps you got a message saying that you have the latest version installed, you must update galaxy j3 2016 to android 6.0 via Smarth Switch or SamsungKies.

How to upgrade galaxy j3 2016 to android 6.0 by SamsungKies

This way is much faster and simpler than the previous one, what you should do to update galaxy j3 2016 to android 6.0 is the following:

  1. Download SamsungKies on your computer
  2. You open the tool and connect your phone
  3. Find the option to update software and the newest version of android will automatically be installed

Although sometimes it is a bit of updating our mobile operating systems, It is something that must be done regularly to get the most out of our smartphones. So quickly and easily update your Samsung without the need for too many complications.

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