US Air Force uses Black Mirror-style ‘robot dogs’

by Kelvin
US Air Force uses Black Mirror-style 'robot dogs'

As part of the Advanced Battle Management System (ABMS), the US Department of the Air Force has deployed four-legged robots that look like dogs to defend the perimeter of its bases.

The “robot dogs” of the US Air Force are manufactured by Ghost Robotics and look a lot like the machines in the “Metalhead” episode of the series. Black Mirror. However, for those who think that these devices could only be the subject of science fiction works, they are a small part of the ABMS project, which has already received around US$3.3 billion in investments in the last 5 years.

Ghost Robotics presents the Vision 60, as robot dogs are called, as unmanned ground vehicles, which can be customized and licensed by partner companies, leveraging resources such as sensors, radios and physical structure as best they can, which demonstrates that the product is intended to meet a wide range of needs.


In the US Air Force, they were designed to carry out remote inspection, surveillance, and mapping missions, as well as patrol the perimeters of bases, which they are already doing.

According to Deputy Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Will Roper, “future battlefields will be characterized by information saturation”, which is why it is extremely important to invest in a military arsenal that has equipment with combat technology. tip.

The Vision 60s were tested under extreme conditions so that their ability to process a large amount of information was measured during real operation. For John Raymond, head of special operations, it is important that these machines are exploited in the most adverse situations, in order to seek new strategies for use, since “potential adversaries are investing heavily in these fields”.