US and allies accuse China of cyber attacks on Microsoft Exchange servers

by Kelvin
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In an official statement from the White House, the government of United States accused the China from funding hackers to programming the recent cyberattacks on Microsoft Exchange servers, which exposed at least 30,000 data from nationwide institutions. At first, the group called Hafnium is held responsible for the event and the US authorities strongly believe that the crime was commanded by rulers from the East.

THE Microsoft Exchange is a corporate e-mail system widely used by companies to do their jobs. Exposure to cyberattacks meant that various contents were taken by hackers, which completely weakened the security of companies. The cyberattacks in question became known to the United States for at least four months. Microsoft had taken a stand and attributed what happened to the Hafnium group.

After an investigation by the US, the country seems to have come to the conclusion that China is to blame for the case. “The MSS, Ministry of State Security (from China), uses criminal hackers to conduct unsanctioned cyber operations around the world, including for his own personal profit,” says the secretary Antony Blinken in public announcement. The White House representative also said that, with the help of his allies, it was possible to identify the action as a kind of espionage operation that not only exposed thousands of companies, but also crippled and compromised the integrity of their computers and networks. Antony says that most of those affected are from the private sector.


US Allied Response

According to Bloomberg, in addition to the US, the United Kingdom, European Union, NATO, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and Canada have positioned themselves against the Republic of China in this high-scale cyberattack. The European Union stated that the crimes are associated with other hacker entities, such as those entitled Advanced Persistent Threat 31 and Advanced Persistent Threat 40 – nomenclatures given for tracking identification – and repudiate them.

The UK’s National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC), meanwhile, pointed out that the APT 40 targeted the US and European maritime industries, while the APT 30 focused on government organizations. The British government says it is actively working towards the investigation to find those responsible.

THE China denies authorship of the cyber attacks. According to the Associated Press, the country has denied its participation in the crime against Microsoft’s security and that it opposes any such activity. He also reiterated that the accusations should not be made without concrete evidence.

The US and allies have yet to announce any sanctions against China, but the US government’s statement in particular makes it clear that the climate between the two nations will not be one of peace. The US Department of Justice, however, has officially published a criminal indictment against four MSS hackers, already known to the US government, under the guise of a “multi-year campaign targeting foreign governments and entities in key sectors”. The next steps in the clash between the US and China should be one of tension.

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