US eases trade tension by granting Huawei special license

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EUA smartphones Android Huawei Google

The United States of America (USA) has temporarily alleviated the trade restrictions imposed on Huawei in order to ensure user rights. That is, so consumers don't run the risk of running out of Android updates on their smartphonesas well as Google services.

However, the founder of Chinese giant Ren Zhengfei says he is prepared for any scenario.

USA smartphones Android Huawei Google

Although the previous license, with a duration of 90 days, it has just been extended. This allows all US-based suppliers and companies to continue normal trading with Huawei. For consumers this means that their smartphones Android will continue, as you know them.

Tensions between US and Huawei ease

However, this story has been made of sayings and odds. Although, in the light of administrative procedures, Trump's words have no immediate effect, public apprehension of consumers is natural and understandable. Well, nobody wants to be without Google services, or Android updates.

Recalling that last week the US Department of Commerce prevented Huawei from entering into business relations with US companies. An attitude based on allegations of practices contrary to US national security. Now we see a softening of these same tensions and concerns.


Still, it is certain that both countries have increased the rates applied to goods imported from each country, putting the US and China further and further apart. On the other hand, Huawei has thus received an extension of the license so that it can continue to provide all necessary support to consumers.

Everything remains the same, with Android updates and Google services

At the moment this is the status quo, although this is markedly volatile. Even so, for all network equipment to continue operating under the best conditions and for smartphones and Android devices continue to meet consumer needs, the US eventually took it is decision.

The measure also aims to give technology enough time to take whatever action it deems necessary. Something that hints at maintaining a climate of tension, or latent fear. That is, consumer interests have already prevailed, but at any time (at the end of the new deadline) this may change.

Although Huawei can guarantee the maintenance of Google services and Android updates for its smartphones current ones, for future ones you will have to get new licenses. In turn, these depend on the US Department of Commerce. Here as well as the executive orders of the Trump administration.

Already Ren Zhengfei, CEO of Huawei, said the new license has little impact. In your words, the company is prepared for any scenario. Therefore, including here any possible US sanctions, or non-renewal (or even revocation) of existing licenses.

Finally, the US Department of Commerce said it would evaluate the license and the possibility of renewing and expanding it after 90 days. For now, everything remains within the normal course for consumers. If only we could say the same about the future. NoteIt has been said that there has been an authentic political ballet.

So far Huawei has vehemently rejected all charges against it. Still, this did not save her from the US crackdown. Something that can bring new economic repercussions and inconvenience to the consumer. Hopefully it will never come to that.

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