US prohibits flying with some models of Apple MacBook due to risk of battery fire

by Kelvin
US prohibits flying with some models of Apple MacBook due to risk of battery fire

This is a preventive measure, which should not be allowed to fly with these products, or in hand luggage or checked

The United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has banned certain models of laptops from Apple on flights The decision comes almost two months after the US company itself recognized a problem in the battery of some of its laptops.


According Apple, in some units of the 15-inch MacBook Pro the battery "may overheat and pose a safety risk." The units of this model were sold between September 2015 and February 2017.

"The FAA is aware of the recalled batteries used in some laptops Apple MacBook Pro", said the spokesman for the agency in a statement that ensures that airlines are already aware.

This is a preventive measure that complies with the 2016 safety regulations for products with batteries withdrawn from the market, which should not be allowed to fly with these products, either in hand or checked baggage, according to Bloomberg.

The European Union Air Safety Agency has not banned users from boarding with these MacBook Pro models, but recommends airlines follow the 2017 rules that require devices with lithium batteries removed from the market to shut down and not used during the flight, says the news agency.

Bloomberg says that four US airlines have already started banning these computers on flights, with ads before boarding and after. Likewise, users who have changed the batteries through the program of Apple, they can fly without problem.

To find out if the MacBook Pro is one of the models with risk of battery fire, Apple recommends following the instructions in this portal.

Battery overheating and its possible fire risk is not something new, much less in airplanes. In 2016, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) banned the charging of lithium-ion batteries in aircraft warehouses due to the risk posed to aircraft. Although it was a provisional measure, since then they can only be carried in hand luggage and must be shown at the security checkpoint.

In October 2016, the explosion of a Samsung phone forced to evacuate a flight between Louisville, Kentucky to Baltimore, Maryland, in the United States. Just before taking off, the Galaxy Note 7 of one of the passengers began to burn, which caused the evacuation of the aircraft.

This device was only a few weeks on sale, because battery problems were more frequent than Samsung could cover.

Apple He has also been the protagonist of some problems with explosive batteries, although not in airplanes. With both the iPhone 7 and 8, some Asian users published their photos in networks with the calcined terminal.

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