Use better Windows 10: disable the touchpad when connecting a mouse

by Kelvin
Uso de Touchpad en portátil con Windows 10

On computers laptops a very useful accessory is included: the touchpad. This allows to handle the mouse pointer without having to use an external device for this, which is an excellent option in mobility conditions. But that works is not always positive, and in Windows 10 a fairly simple (but somewhat hidden) way to disable it is included.

An example of what we say is that a external mouse to gain precision and comfort. Sometimes, the computer you have does not offer a specific key that disables the hardware integrated in the laptop – normally it is one of the function's own -, so in principle you must resort to the controller of the additional device. But what happens if this does not allow this to be done either? Well, many simply endure … which is not a positive thing. Luckily, a possibility is included in Microsoft's operating system Fix this without having to complicate life.


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And, in addition, all this can be configured in such a way that simply by detecting the connection of an external mouse, it is activated automatically the tool that allows the touchpad to stop working on the computer – and, by extension, in the operating system Windows 10-. Therefore, the functionality included in the software is really powerful as well as useful. And, best of all, is that absolutely nothing needs to be installed in the laptop, so the risk of carrying out the process is null (and, above, it is possible to reverse everything that is done). As you can see, everything is virtue when establishing the necessary configuration.

Settings Windows 10

Access the touchpad settings in Windows 10

To find the contribution in which you can set the necessary settings, the first thing you have is to access the operating system settings. To do this, simply click on the window shaped icon Windows at the bottom right of the desktop and, in the menu that appears, you should use in an image that is shaped like a circular gear (just above the element that allows you to turn off the laptop).

A window opens and, in it, you must choose between all the elements of the Configuration of Windows 10 which is the second in the first row (starting from the left), and which is called Dispositives. A new screen appears in which you will see all the accessories installed and which are the additional ones that are installed in the equipment. In the list in the left zone, one that is called Touch panel -Yes, in this case Microsoft has translated the term- and use it. You will have in front of all the configuration options of your computer's touchpad.

Device options in Windows 10

Set the necessary settings to Windows 10

You will now see all the connection options offered by this device in the Microsoft operating system (these depend on the version of Windows 10 that you use), among which is the necessary section that you must activate so that the touchpad stops working when the connection of an external mouse is detected. This is called Keep the touch panel activated when a mouse is connected and, when you locate it, confirm that it is disabled this function – if not, click on it regularly.

You may not find this possibility among the sections shown on the laptop, this is usually due to a external controller installed is the one that executes this action and, therefore, is removed from the interface itself Windows 10. Check this by clicking on a link called Additional configuration. A window opens with all the possibilities offered by the hardware and, among them, you should look for one that allows you to deactivate the touchpad when detecting the connection of a USB mouse.

Touch panel in Windows 10 without touchpad options

Having done all this, you will have finished (you may have to restart the laptop). From this moment when the external mouse the touchpad will stop working and, therefore, the unwanted actions when pressed when it is written will simply be history. Simple and efficient, which comes to confirm that Windows 10 is an operating system that is full of options, although some of them are more hidden than it should.

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