Use specific colors for notifications for each app with DathBanners Lite

by Kelvin
Use specific colors for notifications for each app with DathBanners Lite 1

DathBanners Lite, the tweak that shows color notifications based on apps

It is available for free on Cydia a new tweak for iOS devices with Jailbreak called DathBanners Lite. This tweak will implement a color for the banner of incoming notifications which will be based on a combination of the colors that make up the application icon. If you want to give your device notifications a personalized look, then learn more about this tweak and download it below.

Use specific colors for notifications for each app with DathBanners Lite 2

The tweak, DathBanners Lite, automatically assigns notification colors

This tweak, DathBanners Lite adds interesting functionality to the banner of incoming notifications, making it always different depending on which is the application that sends us the notification. In this way we will add a little life and color to iOS notifications.


Once we have installed this tweak on our iPhone with Jailbreak, it will be ready to start working, in fact, at least for now, DathBanners Lite does not have options to configure, although we do not know if the developer plans to add other options in the future, such as being able to choose the color we want the notification of a specific application to have.

Talking about the colors assigned by the tweak to the notifications of each application, these are added automatically, so we cannot choose the color that we want each one to have. The way to automatically assign the color for notifications is chosen after making a combination of the colors contained in the icon of each application, in this way you will get the color of the notifications to be customized for each app.

An example of this is the application Twitter or the Messages application, whose notifications have colors that combine blue and white, or green and white, resulting in light blue and light green colors. As we can see in the video that you will find below, the notifications of the Slack application are brown since it combines the different colors of the icon (yellow, red, pink, green, white, black, etc.).

Download the DathBanners Lite tweak

If you are interested in this tweak, DathBanners Lite It is available on Cydia through the BigBoss repository for free. Remember that in order to download this tweak it is necessary to have an Internet connection and have an iPhone with Jailbreak, if you have not already done so we recommend you take a look at our guides to jailbreak iPhone and iPad from Mac computers and Windows. This tweak is compatible with iOS 8 and later versions of the mobile operating system of Apple.

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