Use this Google function to put a 3D tiger in your living room

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Use this Google function to put a 3D tiger in your living room

If you always wanted to have a shark in your living room, now Google makes it possible thanks to ARCore.

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In recent days we have seen videos and photos of wild animals emerge in people’s homes on social networks. If you’re wondering how they do it, the answer is thanks to a tool designed by Google that was introduced last year and is now having great success during these days of confinement by COVID-19.

This tool can be used on both Android and iPhone phones, but yes, your phone must be compatible with ARCore, Google’s augmented reality (AR) engine. In the case of iPhone, all models from iPhone 6S that have iOS 11 installed are compatible. In the case of Android it is compatible any model running Android 7.0 or later.

To see the animals, open the Internet browser on your cell phone and enter the Google search engine. Here you must write the name of the animal you want to see in 3D. If this animal is available in the 3D option, you will see in the results the image of the animal with the words “View in 3D”.

If you click on this option, the camera of your cell phone will open and you will be able to see the animal you choose in the place where the camera focuses. You can move it to put it where you want by dragging it with your finger on the screen and you can also resize it by sliding your finger on it.


You just have to look for the name of the animal and click on ‘View in 3D’ to see it at home.

Some of the animals available are eagle, lion, horse, panda, octopus, shark and even a human skeleton if you look for it as a “human skeleton”.

The coronavirus has caused many governments to take strict measures, forcing people to stay at home indefinitely so that the number of infections does not continue to increase. In addition to seeing 3D animals, at CNET in Spanish we recommend content to see with your friends online and some applications to do sports and spend the best possible these days of quarantine.

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