V1 Interactive already thinks of a sequel to Disintegration

by Kelvin

V1 Interactive already has a possible sequel to Disintegration in mind. This game of the co-creator of Halo made its appearance and presentation with a brief trailer last July. It was not until last Gamescom 2019 that we have been able to see more in detail this new proposal of Take Two with the V1 Interactive studio through a gameplay. The ambition behind this new IP is very large and future plans will take it much further.

Marcus Letho, co-creator of Halo and creative director of Disintegration, spoke with French media XboxSquad during the past Gamescom. At the interview, Letho made very clear his intention to turn this new IP into a saga.


“We are not talking much about how we will continue to expand, but the fact is that we are building architecture to allow us to do that. We hope the game is a success and becomes a franchise. That is our goal! »

Only with great ambition can great things be achieved. Disintegration is a sci-fi shooter that will feature real-time strategy elements. The player has the support of combat units while executing attacks against enemies, all this can be seen in the gameplay directly taken from the Gamescom, but the truth is that The game will feature a single player campaign independent of what is shown. History would plunge us into a world where human beings have found a way to transfer their consciousness to a biomechanical being, as simple as removing the brain and implementing it in the robotic body. Despite surviving environmental calamities in this way, society suffered a collapse and the war for control became inevitable.

As expected, Disintegration is confirmed to go on Xbox One, but since it is still in full development we don't have an approximate release date. It only remains to wait for the development to go well and smoothly and sooner rather than later we can enjoy this new title that promises a very fun and interesting gameplay.

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