Valve adds human moderators in Steam Workshop

by Kelvin
La guía del gamer.

From now on all new content sent to Steam Workshop must be approved by a human moderator before being available to the rest of the public.

Steam Workshop is for all those who do not know, the Valve hub with tools and content created by all users, with options to publish, organize and download creations for all games in the store.


In fact, Valve reveals that in some of his games like 'Team Fortress 2' you can create new objects while in others like 'Skyrim' you can publish the content directly and subscribe to the content that you consider interesting within the different games in Those who participate.

The measure of human moderators was discovered by the user u / TanookiSuit3 who revealed it in Reddit with the screenshot of a message that appears when sending content, in which it is read that “moderators must approve the latest version of this item before it is visible to other players in the Workshop. ”

“New and updated items are placed in a moderation queue. You will be able to see and edit the content during this process, but other players will not be able to see the changes until they have been approved. To update existing items, subscribers will have access to the previously approved version, if any. ”

A process for the benefit of users

According to Valve, the approval process should be completed in less than a day and moderation has been designed to prevent scams and theft of accounts in the Steam Workshop, something that had been requested by fans on previous occasions.

With this new change it is shown that the US store seeks to correct its errors for the benefit of fans for PC and Mac. Previously we had seen the change in the functionality of the next releases section to prevent developers from updating the release date of their games to appear with greater visibility within the platform.

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