Very soon we will see a new trailer of the Kingdom Hearts III DLC

by Kelvin
Very soon we will see a new trailer of the Kingdom Hearts III DLC

If you started playing Kingdom Hearts III Since its launch date, it is almost a fact that you have already finished it. However, the time is coming for you to return to this Sora adventure, as Square Enix prepares additional content.

In case you don't know, we will tell you that the company will launch a DLC called Re: Mind, which will include news such as more playable characters, including Roxas, Aqua and Riku, as well as a new transformation of Sora's Keyblade.


We saw the first DLC trailer in the framework of E3 2019, but fortunately we will soon have another video. The company confirmed that it will reveal a new advance of Re: Mind next week. We can see the trailer on Monday, September 9.

If you do not want to miss the news, take into account that you can see the trailer from various platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram Y Twitter. Square Enix did not reveal any clues of the content it will display.

Re: Mind It will also extend the history of the most recent installment a bit, since everything indicates that Luxord and Xigbar are bringing something into their hands. We may know more about it once we see the next trailer.

There is also the possibility that the advance finally confirms the release date of Re: Mind. For now we know that it will be available at some point in the winter, but there is still no exact date for its arrival on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Kingdom Hearts III Now available for these consoles. Visit this page to read all the news related to it.


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