Vivaldi browser comes to Android, knows all the details

by Kelvin

There are a variety of browsers for mobile and tablet, some are better known than others, although new alternatives occasionally arise. It is the case of Vivaldi, that now will be available for Android and which already know all the news that will bring.

Until now, Vivaldi was only available for Windows, being a very interesting alternative to the well-known Chrome, Firefox and other browsers. But that is over as of today because Vivaldi comes in beta form to Android devices.


It should be said that the user will enjoy the same experience of Vivaldi on mobile, because this browser is a continuation of what has been offered so far in the desktop version, so you can enjoy all the features.

Interface with Speeds Dials

We will review below the most important news of Vivaldi, the one you will see first is the one that has to do with the design of the interface. We found the "Speed ​​Dials" that, as it happens on the desktop, there you will find the favorite websites in the form of cards.

Image - Vivaldi browser comes to Android, knows all the details

It's something very similar to what Firefox already offers and even Opera, it's a way to have a quick access to the websites that users like most because you do not need to write any of them, but simply click on the web card and you will access instantly.

The startup interface is minimalist, just we find the fair and necessary adjustments to use the browser such as the address bar at the top and the Speed ​​Dials folder groups created, while at the bottom we have several icons that correspond to the panel, the back and forward buttons and eyelash change.

Panel with quick utilities

The panel icon that we mentioned gives access to a series of very useful tools, in this case the user can directly access the history, notes, downloads and bookmarks by simply pressing said icon, when pressing it again, the options will be hidden.

Precisely the Vivaldi notes app It can't be more simple and complete. There you can create checklists, write texts and everything the user wants, then you can synchronize them with the different devices to access them whenever you want.

Image - Vivaldi browser comes to Android, knows all the details

Simple tab and bookmark management

The management of bookmarks and tabs in Vivaldi It is very simple. In the case of bookmarks, the user will be able to add sites that he can then comfortably search, while the tabs offer various options with just a small touch on them; You can clone, close, add to bookmarks, capture page and much more.

Search engines and private tabs

Another interesting novelty of Vivaldi for Android is that the user can change search engine quickly from the address bar only using nicknames, which avoids having to enter the settings, they would only have to put the initial and a space to choose the new search engine, for example, when setting the “E” would appear “Ecosia”.

Image - Vivaldi browser comes to Android, knows all the details

As for private tabs, Vivaldi does not save any information when it is decided to close a tab in this mode (websites, cookies or temporary files will not be saved).

Other news from Vivaldi for Android goes through the screenshot of any web, either in full or only part. "Reader's view" is also added, a way that makes reading easier and without distractions from any news.

Now what Vivaldi browser comes to Android, you can start using it whenever you want by downloading the “Vivaldi beta” app from Google Play, remember that it is a trial version and could give you a bug, the stable version is expected to be available soon.

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