Vivaldi finally arrives on Android: a nice alternative to Chrome

by Kelvin
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The Vivaldi browser is finally available on Android after making his weapons on PC. Like Google Chrome and many other desktop browsers, it is based on the Chromium kernel, but offers exclusive features, including an advanced level of customization that has made it a great choice for many users by default.


Android is full of web browsers to surf ergonomically. The OS has just welcomed a newcomer who is not unknown to the battalion. Vivaldi is a web browser created by a group of developers who previously worked for Opera. Available since 2015 on PC, it has finally arrived on smartphones in beta and initially only on Android.

Vivaldi: you can finally test the browser on Android

For a beta version, the application is fluid and has no apparent bug. Vivaldi for Android keeps the same look and offers almost the same user experience. Those who use it on PC should have no problem hanging their mark. A number of features known on the desktop version are included, including "Speed ​​dial", a feature that allows you to keep your favorite websites at your fingertips.

All speed dials are presented ergonomically when you open a tab and give you easy access to the sites you visit most often, with the ability to organize them by theme and customize them. The websites are presented as application icons to allow you to open them in one click. To facilitate access to open tabs, Vivaldi also offers an interface similar to that of recent applications on Android. Maps are presented with an overview of the open pages and you can scroll the screen to browse them quickly.

Vivaldi finally arrives on Android: a nice alternative to Chrome 1

This mobile version of Vivaldi is also designed around the synchronization of navigation data on your devices using a end-to-end encryption. Your passwords, bookmarks, open tabs and your history are automatically synchronized between the dektop and mobile versions in a secure way.

Finally, the browser also offers a native dark mode and a note-taking feature that can for example be used as a common clipboard between your PC and your smartphone. In other words, you can take notes on your computer and instantly find the text on your smartphone through tuning.

Click here to download the Vivaldi beta on the Play Store

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