Vivo and Google launch new messaging app in Brazil

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RCS messaging is available today for Android devices only

THE Vivo has just launched a new messaging service in Brazil called RCS, that means "Rich Communication Services”(Rich Communication Services, in free translation). The novelty was conceived in partnership with the Google and will use the app posts" from cell phones Android. In the coming days, users of any carrier will receive notification that the RCS It is now available for use.

How RCS Works

Created to facilitate communication, the RCS It offers a variety of features such as file uploads, images, videos and stickers. You can also check if the caller is online, typing, creating chat groups, and exchanging messages through Wifi network. Another interesting advantage is that the new app does not consume data packet internet, allowing for comfortable messaging.

According to Rodrigo Gruner, director of Digital Services and Innovation at Vivo, O RCS will enable new possibilities for interaction between brands and consumers in the future, enabling dynamic and intuitive interactions for e-commerce.

“We are bringing the benefit for customers to communicate with each other, but we will move forward over the next few months so that the technology is also used for brands to communicate with their customers. For example, we are already developing use cases of our own Vivo, with customer service areas (with artificial intelligence and chatbot), e-commerce, among others ”.

Rodrigo Gruner, Director of Digital Services and Innovation at Vivo

The executive also stressed that security is a key point of the RCS, which is being worked on in conjunction with the Google, your technology partner. He says that the standard adopted by the new app has been adopted worldwide by different carriers. According to Rodrigo, messages are deleted from the platform's servers as soon as they are sent, that is, they are recorded only on the user's smartphone.

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New option to communicate

RCS: Vivo and Google launch new messaging app in Brazil 5Rodrigo Gruner, Director of Digital Services and Innovation at Vivo

By providing broader communication, the RCS You can even send messages to devices that do not have the feature. As explained by the director, if the recipient does not have the app available, the message will be transformed into an ordinary SMS. Cell phones Android who are abroad can also use the service without hindrance, however, to have the most complete experience it is necessary that both (sender and recipient) be with the RCS able.

When asked about other applications that perform the same function, Rodrigo pointed out that comparison is not the focus. The company's goal is to bring innovative services to its customers while respecting their freedom of choice.

“With RCS we reinforce this commitment as we are one of the pioneer operators in launching RCS in Brazil, a standard that enhances the experience of Android phone users by using the phone messaging app.”

Rodrigo Gruner, Director of Digital Services and Innovation at Vivo

O RCS is available from today for customers Vivo who have a device Android, with availability gradually occurring over the next 15 days. To use the service, just have the application posts" or download it from the Play Store. Remember that the app has no additional cost and does not consume your data package.

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